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Dear Ashy Neckbeards, It’s Definitely Y’all and NOT Us…

Disclaimer: I’m not going after all the blerd and nerd boys in the community. Just the problematic ones who tend to overshine the actual good ones and make life hard for us all.


In the latest ashy boy news, blerd boys seem to be hitting the web with another round of “it’s not fair” or “I’m a good guy” rage fest.

If you’ve been in the nerd community for ANY length of time, you know this kind of problem comes and goes periodically. Something will trigger a lot of angry nerds, I’m not gonna say mostly the menfolk but some speak louder than most, and next thing you know people are talking about how women throw nerd boys under the bus in favor of “a filthy casual who only likes DBZ and Naruto.”

Last year BlackNerdProblems wrote a piece in response to a very angry and very ashy blerd boy named H.T. about why black women who like nerdy things weren’t interested in him and that blerd boys should give up on blerd women and date non-black women. I’m not reinventing the wheel by any means, but I’m here to add more reasons for those ashy dust muffins who crawled out of their mom’s basement to start beef about blerd boys and blerd girls.


  1. You’re Elitist AF, my guy.

Image result for elitist meme

In your time on social media, you probably said something like “If you like this anime, kill yourself” or ranted about how people don’t know a good cosplay when they see one. If you’ve done this or something of the like, you took one nice step in the neckbeard direction. Everyone is entitled to like what they like or do nerdy things as they wanna do them. The moment you start thinking your dry knees are better than someone who spent 3 months working on a cosplay when you haven’t even updated your resume, you can kindly leave the conversation. You’re not ready to adult.


  1. You’ve shared a problematic nerdy meme


Image result for problematic meme

Personally, I disagree with some of her points but she is dope!

Deep in the cesspools of weeby fandom, we’ve all seen problematic memes. Memes that make light of things that shouldn’t be made into a joke and naturally people are called “too sensitive” because they can’t take a joke or “don’t understand the context.” If you share a meme that talks about and makes fun of rape, misogyny, pedophilic behaviors, transphobic topics like “traps”, etc…you are trash and should throw yourself away. Regardless if you see it as a joke or that you “have a dark sense of humor,” keep that to yourself or others like you. 9 times outta 10, your ideal crush saw that meme on their timeline thanks to you and crossed you out. Stay ashy my friends.


  1. No love for black girls who cosplay?

DBZ Weave

If you ONLY share or repost non-WOC who do and don’t cosplay, excluding medium- to dark-skinned black women; hell, black women PERIOD, there might be a problem there, Ashy McGee. As a black guy who is into nerdy things, you mean to tell me that there is not one black girl who cosplays that you like? Oh, you don’t think black girls cosplay? Why is that? Oh…you don’t think dark-skinned black women can cosplay because they won’t be accurate to the non-dark-skinned character of your dreams? They messed up the image of your “ideal” waifu? News flash, they probably aren’t checking for you anyway so…stay over there in your own space…alone.


  1. Too much love for the black girl who cosplays

wow 1

Have you ever seen a black woman cosplay and do the dang thing and who was really sexy? Have you left a really creepy or overly sexual comment on her IG or Facebook post? Maybe you retweeted the picture saying how you’d smash that or whatever because CLEARLY you have no understanding how real life women work, and not your 2D waifu on your 3DSXL. Yeah dude. She saw it, made note, and blocked you. Women who cosplay something you like or something you find sexy, doesn’t make them your fetish or sex object. If you find them spankable, keep it in your musty crusty room and not on a public forum.


  1. You’re a “nice guy”

Nice guy


Look. I get it. You have your life together; never been to jail or are on/have done drugs. You have a car, house/apartment of your own, an education, nerdy, etc etc…but guess what? That doesn’t mean you DESERVE a partner. You are not ENTITLED to a woman. Just because you think you’re a catch, doesn’t mean that women (or people for that matter) should just flock to you and beg to be your lover. It doesn’t work that way dude. They probably can smell your fakeness or insecurities a mile away so they already checked you off the list. If so, deal and move on like the rest of us. Just like there is a pickme for every problematic, hotep-like black man, there is a blerd girl for you. Somewhere.


Now that you have made it to the end of my little list, I hope you’ve learned something.

No matter who you are or how you identify in this nerd community, there is room for all of us and a chance we all can find someone we want to be with. You don’t have to trash and bash those who you feel have wronged you to get ahead, and you definitely have to be held accountable for your own actions.

People have the right to be selective on who they choose to date. Whether it’s someone in the same or outside their ethnic group, people have their own reasons for wanting to date or talk to people, it is a them thing. Just know that those you like or have an interest in can see you. How you act on social media, in their company or with mutual friends, at con, during Overwatch, on Discord, whatever – they can see you and are taking notes. If they choose to not date you or associate with you because of something they’ve seen or felt, that is their right. It sucks, I know, but that’s life. You live and learn.

Unless you’re one of the few who probably remained pissed off throughout this whole piece, in which case I wish you well, I hope your beard never connects, and that you always lose your chapstick.


Good day.


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