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You Haven’t conned until…Volume II

A few years ago, we did this and the response was huge so we thought we would take a crack at it again but this time we decided to get you, the readers involved. They say, “What happens at the con stays at the con”, but some of you won’t know unless you have been. We asked some of our fellow cosplayers and con goers to share their con experiences.

Kristine Y:  You haven’t conned until you go out to eat in your cosplay and get weird looks from the locals.

Harry C.: It’s all fun and games until you realize you have a four hour drive home, to get four hours of sleep and then work a 12 hr. shift.

Belema B.: You haven’t conned until someone calls you by your cosplay character’s name and you instinctively turn.

Toii M.: You haven’t conned until you somehow end up with merch you didn’t (or don’t remember) even buy.


Harry C.:  You haven’t conned until you realized that you came back with more merch than you intended to buy and that some of it may not fit in your car or on the plane.

Tiffany W.: You haven’t conned until you tetris’d all of your luggage, props, cosplays, etc. into your car….and then realize you have to fit actual people in there as well.

Speaking of cars…

Carmen M.:  You haven’t conned until you’re violating all sorts of traffic and safety laws cramming seven people in a two door Honda Civic.

Since we are on the subject of humans…

Tiphani D.: You haven’t conned until you’ve crammed more people than you made a reservation for in a hotel room.

Brandi S.:  You haven’t conned until you get about ten miles away from home and realize you forgot your wig, turn around to get it and then realize the envelope WITH YOUR BADGE was sitting right next to it.

Trent F.:  You haven’t conned until you’ve hung out near a friend for 20 minutes and didn’t know it until they took their mask off.

Adam F.:  You haven’t conned until you run into someone in the same costume and have to pose for a “who wore it better” photo.

If you have some of your own, leave them in the comments below and we will do our best to print them in the next volume!

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  1. You haven’t conned until the only family picture you have at home is one of evryone in Cosplay.
    Patrick B.


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