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Are we about to see the return of Logan in Marvel Comics?

In about a week we will all be excitedly heading to the theater to watch the latest Wolverine movie, Logan.  So it isn’t a huge surprise that Marvel appears to be bringing the original Wolverine back from the dead in their new comic X-Men Blue. On the cover for X-Men Blue #4, as you can see is a familiar set of claws in front of the surprised faces of the Blue Team. (Source).


We haven’t seen Logan since he died in the “Death of Wolverine” story arc all the way back in October of 2014. His return has not officially been announced by Marvel but this cover seems to confirm that we’ll be seeing the original Wolverine take back his mantle from X-23. I personally hope that we’re right and that this is the return of Logan, but what are your thoughts on him returning from the dead? Should he have stayed dead longer or is it about damn time he came back?

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