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You know you haven’t conned until…

So, for many of us, it’s the  week following a con and some of us are still in recovery.  For me it was my very first Katsucon but not my first con, as some of you may know and I was still overwhelmed.  I did run into a lot of people for which this was not only their first Katsucon but also their first con and they were surprised by everything.  But if you only came for a day or just a few  hours, you haven’t conned.  Ha! Until you have gone through the following,  you know you haven’t conned until…

  • At least one person complainsabout taking photos or missing a photoshoot
  •  The day before you go you are like a kid at Christmas and then the last day of the con, you are so ready to go home…so you can start planning for the next con.
  •   You suffer from Con foot.  Don’t know what that is?  Go to a con for the weekend and then see how your feet feel come Monday or Tuesday.  Also…
  • You caught Con cooties.  After being in a hall for 2 or 3 days, around tons of people and a few days after, you ask yourself “How did I get sick?”  That would be it.

  • Before you leave home you check for, keys, wallet, inhaler, antacids, deodorant and pain relievers. Not to mention stopped off for some Dr. Scholl’s foot supports along the way…and forget your camera.
  •  Random strangers give you hugs because you cosplayed a favorite character of theirs. Sometimes it beats a photo request.
  • You see 5 Lokis …and they are all women. Not to mention you are one of the 5.
  •   You can play a real life game of ‘Where’s Waldo”.

  • You notice that there are more people hanging out in front of the hall than actually in it.
  • You lose count of how many Deadpools you see.
  • A dance party spontaneously breaks out and you’re in the middle of it.

  • You are so happy your cosplay is unique, but because of it, people keep calling you the wrong character.
  •  You have a ton of questions for a guest there and when you meet them, nothing comes out but…ahayevcibleyiwyvebflwercb.

  • That one time you go to a con out of costume and none of your friends recognize you.
  • You went that one time and missed several panels and guests but now you have a strategy, a map, and color codes for everything you want to do and it still doesn’t work.
  • One person gets put out for trying to bring real weapons inside.
  • You walk past 3 people and their Right Guard made a left turn, the Secret got let out and the Old Spice is newly ripened.  And some of those are the ones with the coolest Cosplays.
  • You photo-bombed at least one group photo session.


  •  You spend a week afterwards sorting thru all of the business cards you got during the con
  • You spend 4 to 8 hrs going through nearly 1000 pics and even when done, you find another 500 that you missed.
  • You didn’t  realize you missed a hall with cool stuff until after you got home.
  • You gained 20 new Facebook friends and lost 5 old ones because you didn’t meet them.
  • One of those new friends you originally mistook for one of your old ones.
  • You are mentally taking notes of cosplays you want to try out next year.


  • You realize that while your cosplay is great you can’t: sit or go to the bathroom while in it, turn your head, eat, nor was it made for hot or cold weather. And it’s fun and games until your full body makeup starts to sweat off.
  • You realize during the course of a con, this is, the most exercise you’ve gotten, the latest you’ve stayed up, the drunkest you’ve gotten, the most (or least) amount that you have eaten in months.
  • You take a vacation or a sick day AFTER the con so you can sleep for 8 hrs.
  • You need to make a decision …go to the Bahamas, Vegas, Disney World or…the con and the con wins.
  • You are too afraid to look at your bank account the following week.

You found Jesus…See ya at the next con soon!


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5 Comments on You know you haven’t conned until…

  1. Ugh, Con Flu. The dreaded Con Flu!


  2. ….You know that there were many friends there that you wanted to meet up with, and that they may have seen you there, but you couldn’t see them because you were not wearing your glasses or you couldn’t recognise them in their new costumes. You hope that they are not upset, mistakenly thinking that you did see them and avoided them.
    Or that they couldn’t recognise you because you were wearing new cosplays as well, and a Lot of them.
    You hope that next time, you will recognise each other.

    You introduce yourself to Everyone, just in case they don’t recognise or remember you, and when they obviously do, you think that you looked arrogant.

    You see loads of awesome cosplays from video games, and you don’t play any, so you mistakenly think that they are all are ‘anime’ characters that you just have never watched.

    Everyone there looks so beautiful, and the most beautiful are the ones with the biggest smiles.

    The younger fans are having such a fun time that their enthusiasm energises the older ones.

    You are so pleased that everyone of all ages blend so seamlessly into one huge awesome cosplay party.

    ……at least, that’s what happens for Me.


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