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Supergirl S1:E19 Recap

Seriously, Kara’s kryptonian family is the WORST.

Peter Facinelli, Calista Flockhart and Melissa Benoist Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved Supergirl


So That’s What It Does

We finally find out what the hell Myriad is after Non’s deployment of it last episode: Myriad was developed by Astra to mind control people into thinking like she does and has turned National City into a giant think tank where everyone’s mind is turned to solving the problems of the world.

When it’s not doing that it’s making people spout Non and Astra’s philosophy and jump to their deaths, which Non demonstrates by having Winn, James and Kelly jump off the Catco balcony in front of Kara, Cat and Max. 

About That

Yes, Cat and Max are the only people in National City not effected by the Myriad signal. Why?  Because Max realized that the reason Non broke into his labs was to co-opt his satellites to send neural signals to everyone. Max invented neural blocker ear whigs and sent Cat diamond earrings with the same thing built into them. Kara wants to know why he didn’t send any to the DEO but Max tells her that without Hank and Alex there he had no one he could trust, which is an interesting development.

Unfortunately Superman, who shows up after receiving Kara’s S.O.S., is effected the minute he hits National City’s airspace. This is because, according to Max (who has totally figured out who Clark is because he’s not stupid), Superman was raised on earth his entire life, unlike Kara, and his brain was altered enough by that for the signal to work on him.

Together the three of them come up with two plans, with General Lane’s backing, to deal with the Myriad situation. One of which will kill all kryptonians in National City using a kryptonite based bomb Max invented. And also about 8% of the human populace. Cat and Kara put that one on the backburner and talk Max into trying the non-lethal one first: piggybacking off of the Myriad signal and sending out a counter signal. Except….

Kara and Kal’s Family Is The Worst

Non and Indigo stab the hell out of J’onn and kidnap Alex, who stopped their search for Jeremiah to assist with the crisis and walked right into a trap. Non, who now knows that Alex is the one who killed Astra, outfits Alex in kryptonian tech that matches her strength to Kara’s then mind-controls her into going after Kara.


Thinky Thoughts

I like that Max, Cat and Kara are working together to save National City, however I still think the show would’ve been better served not making Max so damn creepy and rapey throughout the season. It showed their hand too soon and makes everything he does ambiguous, and not in a good way. Which is a shame because Peter Facinelli has fascinating, sexy chemistry with every single cast member he’s been thrown against. Here’s hoping that going into next season the show will figure out how to slow things down and give characters a bit more shades of gray.

Who else thinks Non will be dead by the end of the season and Indigo will be the big bad going into next year?


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