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Supergirl S1:E17 Recap

The fallout from last week begins with Kara dealing with a city that fears her, J’onn being labeled a monster and Siobhan plotting to take out Kara.

David Harewood as J'onn J'onzz on SUPERGIRL, CBS


And So It Begins

We spend the episode mostly in flashbacks as we see how the Danvers family and J’onn J’onzz became inexorably intertwined with Jeremiah’s death. All of this is because Lucy, back with the army after her breakup with James, and Colonel Harper show up having been ordered by the government to look into the hows and why of J’onn’s infiltration of the DEO.

It quickly becomes clear that this is a witch hunt, especially when it turns out that Harper was Original!Hank’s best friend and held similar views on aliens: kill first, dissect later.

Some Good, Some Bad and OH NO. 

During the course of the episode something messed up was revealed, some awesome things happened and something truly awful came out in the wash:

  • Messed up:
    • Project Cadmus is very much a thing in this universe and the reason Clark refuses to work with the government as they’ve been experimenting on humans and aliens for years.
  • Awesome:
    • Lucy and Kara joining forces to free Alex and Hank from being sent to Cadmus and it’s badass.
    • J’onn using his powers to mindwipe Harper, pull information about Cadmus out of his head and make Lucy the new head of the DEO
    • Kara truly realizing, for the first time I think, just how amazing her support team is.
    • Jeremiah Danvers is not dead and has been in Cadmus’ clutches this entire time.

The episode closes with Alex and J’onn heading out to rescue Jeremiah and the other test subjects from Cadmus with Lucy and Kara back at the DEO covering their backs on the DL.

But the biggest surprise is Siobhan, after a day of being increasingly petty and self-destructive, drunkenly activating her powers when she falls off a roof after an argument with Winn.

::grabs popcorn::

This is going to be good.


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