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Supergirl S1:E15 Recap

Some truths are revealed and some eyes are opened on Supergirl.

Laura Vandervoort as Indigo Supergirl CBS


Kara has a dream about her pod being jacked up and wakes up to Alex with donuts. Alex tries to get Kara stop being judgemental where Hank is concerned but Kara is too busy feeling sorry for herself, and Astra’s supposed potential to turn from the darkside, to listen. Kara heads off to work and Siobhan has a package for Cat that she won’t allow Kara to hand off, which Kara is irritated by but still tries to warn Siobhan that Cat prefers her mail opened before it gets to her as it could be anthrax. Siobhan doesn’t listen and ends up getting her wig snatched by Cat.

And thus begins a day of screw ups on everyone’s part, except Winn, Lucy and Hank, because Winn, Lucy and Hank are awesome.

The I See What You Did There Moment: 

Casting Laura Vandervoort as Indigo was a stroke of genius, particularly because Kara gets her ass handed to her and it’s only an assist from Winn via computer virus that keeps her from getting murdered.

The Slay Girl, Slay Moment: 

Let’s talk about Lucy shall we? Jenna Dewan Tatum has been hitting it out of the park in her every appearance as Lucy Lane and you believe she’s the hyper-competent lawyer she’s supposed to be so it’s deliciously satisfying to see her:

A. Figure out that James and Kara are into each other and have been for sometime now.

B. Deal with it like an adult and

C. Keep on moving, and not only do her job but figure out what is actually going on with Indigo’s attacks.

It’s a smart play, it doesn’t pander to tired soap opera relationship dynamics ::coughArrowcough:: and it doesn’t throw Lucy under the bus in an effort to make Kara seem like the more viable partner. With Lucy now Catco’s general counsel I hope she doesn’t disappear off the radar now that the secret that isn’t of James and Kara’s feelings are out there.

The Hmm, Let’s See Where This Goes Moment: 

Winn and Siobhan. Huh. Okay. While their bonding over having assholes for parents feels real it also feels rushed and I’m almost hoping it’s a play on Siobhan’s part as Winn is one of Kara’s friends and Siobhan is ruthless. On the other hand I don’t want Winn to descend into villainy due to getting played. We shall see.

The Your Nonsense Is Tired Moment: 

I understand Kara is mourning, I do, but being an asshole to Hank and putting herself and everyone on the planet in danger because Hank killed her terrorist, mass murdering, planet threatening aunt, is not okay. Giving a hardened soldier who has to be responsible for the lives of billions speeches about how there’s “always another way” is not okay. Especially as Hank knows from painful, personal experience exactly what letting lunatics with superpowers run around unchecked will do what with his entire species being dead

The episode ends with Kara getting over herself and coming to the DEO. Kara admits that she effed up and almost destroyed the world, and Alex cracks, telling Kara everything and having a complete breakdown.

I hope this leads to Kara taking a long, hard look at herself and her actions because Kara’s dickery these last few episodes has been off putting and unfortunately says a lot about how little those who truly know her trust her to behave like an adult when confronted with how the world works for those who aren’t Supergirl. 

And what a scary thought that is.

Final Thoughts

Brainiac is responsible for Kara getting to earth?


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