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Marvel’s Spider-Man’s Next Chapter Is Almost Here!

We’re still keeping an eye on the episodic DLC for Marvel’s Spider-Man, and now the release date for its second chapter has been announced – along with the identity of its main villain.

On November 20th, the second installment of The City That Never Sleeps will hit our PS4 consoles, dear readers. And, as if any of us were supposed to be surprised, titanium-skulled gangster (and all around d-bag) Hammerhead will be the baddie that our Friendly Neighborhood Wall-Crawler will…well, butt heads with in this new DLC.


We know, from playing The Heist, that Hammerhead was going to play a part in these three chapters of DLC. After all, Black Cat did use Hammerhead’s name to trick Spidey into helping her steal a flash drive in order to save “her son”, who she said Hammerhead was holding prisoner. The gangster’s moniker was also peppered throughout The Heist, and his mob family – the Maggia – played a large part in that chapter; acting as the thugs on the street that offered some fist fodder to Spider-Man.


First spotted by Reddit user macredblue, an in-game menu image (see below) reveals Hammerhead in all his scarred and douchey glory (I mean, C’MON. Look at that shirt collar!), along with the release date details for the DLC itself. Insomniac Games has yet to release any kind of synopsis for this chapter of the story, but it’s a good bet that we’ll see more missions, new suits, and maybe a hint or two as to the fate of Black Cat (aka Felicia Hardy), after her apparent fiery demise in the previous chapter.


What will Spider-Man have to accomplish in this next chapter? How will Hammerhead try to throw his titanium skull into the mix? Only time will tell. We can definitely say, however, that we’ll be jumping on Turf Wars as soon as it drops. Will you? Let us know how you feel about The City That Never Sleeps so far by leaving us a comment down below!

Turf Wars will exclusively hit Playstation 4 consoles on Tuesday, November 20th.

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  1. I enjoyed the first DLC, was just a bit dissapointed that I didn’t get to play as Black Cat. I’m looking forward to butting heads with Hammerhead 🙂

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