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TV Brew: Supergirl and I Take a Break

In case you haven’t noticed the increasing saltiness of my Supergirl articles this season, I have decided to come right out and say it: I can’t watch this show anymore.

I know, dear readers, that we’re only four episodes into the season and the show could totally come back from this rocky path it has chosen, but this viewer is out for a few reasons.

First, this anti-alien, incredibly racist plot has completely put me off the show I once enjoyed. Don’t get me wrong, a show that is able to tackle such a tough subject is clearly one with courageous and skilled writers, but Supergirl is not that show. They definitely attempted to tackle this very relevant-to-its-viewers subject, but they did not do it well. In an attempt to create a racism-motivated villain, different from others that we’ve seen in different stories, we were handed Ben Lockwood and his turn towards the dark side was not one that made sense. Simply put, rather than give us a Voldemort-esque villain, replacing muggle-borns with aliens, we were given a poorly motivated run-of-the-mill racist. While this would have been fine, as we encounter run-of-the-mill racists in real life, we weren’t quite given anything that truly set this one apart from the group. And so, he just became another extremist that has already outlived his expiration date.


Second, the pacing is just so slow. I understand that with a season averaging about 23 episodes in length it is necessary to stretch the story so that the show doesn’t end too quickly. What I don’t understand is the ease with which conflicts are being resolved. Brainy and Alex shouldn’t immediately be okay five minutes after snapping at each other over Brainy’s inability to follow Alex’s leadership; Kara and Alex shouldn’t be able to solve all of their work-related tiffs over pie and wine at the end of every episode; and Alex’s personal struggles with her new leadership role shouldn’t be erased with one motivational speech from her dad J’onn. Furthermore, I shouldn’t be forced to care about the relationship struggles of James Olsen and Lena Luthor, when it is really just filler for whenever the plot, heaven forbid, starts to move forward.

sorry alex

Sorry, Alex, but not everything can be solved on Kara’s couch.

Thirdly: Red Daughter. So far this season we have been teased with Red Daughter twice, three if you count the shoutout to Kasnia in the season premiere, but we haven’t been given any sort of idea as to what the plan is for her or how she might even remotely fit into this Agent Liberty plot. If she is intended to be a second act to the season, then stop teasing us with her. But if she’s going to be relevant at this point in the show, then just get on with it; this viewer is not one to be endlessly teased with no payoff.

So, unfortunately, Supergirl and I have to take a step back and reevaluate our relationship. I won’t call it an uncoupling, because deep in my heart of hearts I want to give this show another chance. Still, until something spectacular happens this season, this viewer will be spending her Sunday nights elsewhere.

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