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Xbox One X Availability Announced

We brought you all the reveal news for Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One X console when the company announced it at E3 2017. At the time, the console was not being made available for pre-order yet, having not yet been approved by the United States Federal Communications Commission.

However, it now appears that the approval process is complete, and it has been announced that the Xbox One X will be available for purchase.

A fan asked Xbox head Phil Spencer a question about the console’s availability on Twitter recently, to which Spencer replied that “all approvals are done”, and indicated that the company would be planning out how to announce pre-order availability. Saying that “it won’t be much longer”, Spencer has effectively started Xbox fans salivating for more info. Adding more info, Spencer stated that he expects the new system to be bundled with 4K TVs, for anyone who might want to make the upgrade to that level. For those who already own (or will be making the upgrade to) a 4K television, Microsoft has promised that the Xbox One X will be “the most powerful game console to date” on launch day. With native 4K resolution support, and gameplay at 60 FPS (and updates to a selection of older games) the Xbox One X will probably be a very hot item for the holidays. In addition to the speed of the machine, the Xbox One X will also be the smallest Xbox console to date, will include an internal power supply, a unique vapor chamber to keep it cool, and (according to Spencer) will be able to stand vertically.

All of this being said, Phil Spencer did mention that, at a price point of $500 (USD), the Xbox One X would be marketed toward “a customer who is looking for the premium experience, the highest fidelity”, and that the Xbox One S would be the console that most Xbox gamers would purchase.

Up until quite recently, the official Xbox One X website had the console still marked as “not for sale”, but that appears to have been updated, as the pricing and date details have been added. The console will hit stores on Tuesday, November 7th of this year, which is also the launch date for Microsoft’s long-awaited Crackdown 3, starring the visage and voice talent of actor Terry Crews.

With all of this news coming from Microsoft today, tell us your thoughts, dear readers. What do you think about the Xbox One X as a console, and do you think it’s worth the price point? Leave us a comment down below, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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  1. I used to be a loyal Xbox guy until this last system came out. They totally pushed me back to Sony. I wish I could get excited for this!

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