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Fans Could See Either A Movie or A Netflix Series of ‘The Witcher’ Very Soon

Video game movies have never really “wow’ed” audiences. We know this. We’ve even recently talked about how those who produce video game movies seem to either ignore the already well-written source material, or go out on a limb with what they think audiences want to see. From the horribly bad (pretty much everything made by Uwe Boll), to the not-too-terrible (2001’s Tomb Raider), to the ones that we’d actually watch again & again – either because they’re brain candy, or they’re just fun popcorn-munchers (2002’s Resident Evil & 2016’s World of Warcraft).

Still, some of us hold out hope for a good movie adaptation of a video game. This is why I was cautiously excited when I was recently reminded that there’s supposed to be a movie based on CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher series coming out this year. That’s right: the books by Andrzej Sapkowski, which were turned into a successful video game series, are supposedly being made into a movie, which was originally slated for release in 2017.

While the games vaulted Geralt and his friends to the attention of popular culture, the source material for the characters is absolutely Sapkowski’s novels (there are 5 in total). So, the notion of creating a movie (or movie series) from The Witcher would essentially be almost no different than bringing the Harry Potter books, or tales by John Grisham, to the big screen. We all saw how well the Harry Potter movies did in theaters, and the Grisham movies didn’t do too badly either. This gives a little more hope for a movie based on Geralt’s world, and the amazing settings of Kaer Morhen, Novigrad, Velen, the Skellige Isles, and the Nilfgaardian Empire.

Additionally, it looks like a Netflix series based on the games/novels has actually begun production as well. While we’re not sure which we’d prefer (movie or series), there’s certainly enough material in the lore of The Witcher to fill a series. With all the success that Netflix has had recently, it would not surprise us if they took on this project and made it awesome. Regardless of whether a series or movie comes to us, it’s certain that bringing Geralt & friends to us in live action would create a serious bit of excitement.

Sure, there have definitely been jokes about the prospect of a Witcher movie. However, some of us fans of the series think that a film like this could be pulled off quite well. In the minds of fans, though, a lot would hinge not only on excellent writing (the script for The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt was particularly exceptional), but also on good casting. We here at PCU thought about this for a bit, and we thought we’d share our picks for some of the main characters who we’d like to see in a movie/Netflix version of The Witcher.

Geralt of Rivia – The titular character. A powerful witcher who, despite his mutations, still shows that he cares for his compatriots.
Our pick: Stephen Lang

While Lang may not have gotten the role of Cable in Deadpool 2, we could TOTALLY see him pulling off an amazing Geralt!

Yennefer of Vengerberg – A very powerful sorceress, imperial envoy, and on-again-off-again lover to Geralt. Yennefer’s motives are never quite clear to anyone but herself.
Our pick: Noomi Rapace
Swedish actress Noomi Rapace is both stunningly beautiful with an exotic & enigmatic look, a very talented actress, and has a voice that commands respect. She’d be a great Yennefer.

Triss Merigold: Another sorceress, as well as a former lover to Geralt. Triss has made it her work to save magic users from persecution by the Nilfgaardian Empire.
Our pick: Felicia Day
Sure, Felicia Day may seem a bit cutesy for the role of such a badass sorceress, but she’s definitely got the chops to pull off who Triss is at her core. I mean C’MON! She’s in Dragon Age as a badass elf!

Vesemir: Wizened older witcher, mentor to Geralt, and leader of the Wolf School. Like Geralt, Vesemir seems to retain some of his human kindness, and cares deeply for both his fellow witchers and for Ciri.
Our pick: Jeff Bridges

Bridges can look gruff & imposing, but since we all see him as “The Dude”, he can definitely bring kindness to the role of Vesemir.

Ciri / Cirilla: Adoptive daughter to Geralt, and true heir to the throne. Ciri’s blood hides a powerful secret.
Our pick: Emma Watson

Who DOESN’T love Emma Watson?? She would make a perfect Ciri, as she does badass really well.

Dandelion: A womanizing bard with a heart of gold, and a penchant for inflating his heroics.
Our pick: Jared Leto

Leto can DEFINITELY do a comedic, womanizing cad. Plus, he’s a bang-on doppleganger for Dandelion.

Emhyr van Emreis: Emperor of Nilfgaard. A gruff individual who seems to care about nothing except power, and maybe Ciri.
Our pick: Bill Nighy

Bill Nighy is one of the best actors we can think of for the cold & imposing Emhyr. Nighy’s screen presence is near perfect for the role.

Eredin Bréacc Glas: Enigmatic, powerful, and wholly evil. Eredin is the leader of the Wild Hunt, and is out to capture Ciri.
Our pick: Tom Hiddleston
We already know that Tom Hiddleston has the chops to pull off a scheming, evil character, as he drove fans wild when he portrayed Loki in the Avengers movies. Give the man some yellow contacts, throw on some elven armor, and *POOF* – you’ve got Eredin.

Zoltan Chivay: A dwarf and former soldier, Zoltan is a friend to Geralt, and a tavern owner in Novigrad. His military connections, as well as his knowledge of the criminal underworld are of frequent help to Geralt.
Our pick: Nick Frost
Those of us who’ve seen The Hunstman: Winter’s War, have already seen Nick Frost pull off a look that is almost IDENTICAL to Zoltan. Therefore, he’d be a great choice for the role!

There’s our picks for a Witcher movie cast, dear readers. Would you be hyped for a movie based on the stories of The Witcher books and games? Who would you like to see in a possible film (if it was actually made)? Let us know your choices in the comments section below!he comments section below!

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