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Uwe Boll is done with filmmaking

It looks like the prayers of a lot of us have been answered. Highly-criticized director & producer of notoriously bad movie adaptations of video games (including Alone in the Dark, Bloodrayne, and Far Cry, to name a few), Uwe Boll, has announced his retirement from the world of filmmaking.

According to Metro News, Mr. Boll has stated that his last film will be Rampage: President Down. The man famous for his online temper tantrums about failing at Kickstarter has gone so far as to say that the “market is dead” for video game movies, and that his politically-minded movies aren’t having the impact that he anticipated. “Rampage 3 will be watched on Netflix, DVD, or iTunes or whatever,” added Boll.

Boll also noted that, “with streaming everywhere, there is just a big wave of movies flooding around and you have no impact.” Citing the decline in Blu-Ray & DVD sales over the past few years as the “real reason” for his retirement, the director added, “I just can’t afford to make movies.”

Mr. Boll went on to note that he had been using his own money to finance his projects “since 2005,” and if he “hadn’t made the stupid video game based movies I would never have amalgamated the capital so I could say, ‘Let’s make the Darfur movie’”. He has been vocal about not needing material things, and that he put money into his own projects, and lost money for it.


The director has said that he hopes more people will enjoy his prior films, which he notes, “made sense & said a point about things”, as well as “deserved to be discussed bigger than they were.”

With his final movie dropping on iTunes, Boll has said that he will spend the rest of his time running his film distribution business, as well as Bauhaus – his Vancouver restaurant. Oddly enough, the food critics seem to love Bauhaus, so one is left wondering: Why did he subject us to all that schlock over the years, instead of sticking with what he was good at?

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