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What Makes Awesome Con Awesome

5 years in and I am totally amazed at how Awesome Con has grown. It’s gone from a convention that took up a small corner of The Walter Washington Convention Center, to a media show that rivals a few others in scope. I have enjoyed going to this convention because it’s almost like a homecoming of sorts. It’s a really great way to meet up with friends after a long winter as well as meet new friends and fans and also meet media guests in attendance.

Below is a video in which (even after a long weekend) I explain why year after year, I attend this show and why I like it. Check it out.

If that’s not enough, here are some comments from attendees about their favorite moments from Awesome Con:

Ollie B. –  Seeing John Barrowman come out in a Tardis romper and high heels. The man is a legend!

Charlene C. – Seeing all the wonderful cosplayers that I follow and being able to chat with them about crafting stuffs, checking out the vendors and their amazing works of art and attending the science panels that were there as a part of the other shared convention!

Alex T. -My first favorite part was getting to see Stan Lee in person. My second was getting to photograph a bunch of cosplayers (something I haven’t done in about a year). And Third being around so many like minded people. The energy was just good.

Stephanie N. – Catherine Tate being totally charmed by my almost 3 year old. He totally stole the show when we got her autograph.

Nicole J. – Seeing everyone so happy being accepted for who they are. That’s so rare in this era.

Jeffrey L. – Kids faces when people ask to take their pictures. Celebrities actually seeming happy to be there. Overall air of happiness from folks there — manners aren’t dead.

Torree L. – Going to get Wil Wheaton’s autograph for my guest, which resulted in him coming to tell her hi and watching her fangirl so hard almost to tears. It was an awesome moment.

Jinx W. – Seeing friends I already had and making new ones. Hanging out at my favorite comic booth most of Saturday talking up strangers. Getting a first look at upcoming comic book covers that haven’t been released yet and chatting up the artists for my favorite comic publisher.

Candace W. – Meeting David Hayter. Seeing all the cool cosplay. Awesome family time spent. Also seeing my daughter geek out when she met Khary Payton. He is so awesome.

Jennifer R. – I loved the children’s reactions to my cosplay (Especially on Friday when I was worried I might creep them out and instead they loved me). The awesome guests and panels this year, I just wish I could have made it to all of them! (Not a complaint, just a wish  I know it’s not realistic lol). Seeing so many of the friends I’ve made as I’ve become more involved in cosplay!

Dianne L. – Loved the kindness of the artists who took time to talk with my daughter over the 3 days. The wit and humor that David Tennant and Catherine Tate displayed during their panels. The writer panels and military war gaming panels.

Mark L. – Future Con and the continued inclusion of NASA and other science groups and panels. I mean how often do you get an actual astrophysicist talking about artificial gravity and faster then light travel?

Shirlz V. – I want to add that I loved they had Gender Neutral restrooms.

Sabrina G. – I LOVED how big the artist section was. This was my 4th AwesomeCon. AND it was nice to see such a vibrant mix of artists, costumers, writers, mixed media etc.
I also loved the fact that they had a kids area with Paw Patrol. I don’t have kids, but it’s great to know they had their own space.
TOOTHLESS. No need to say more.

Terri S. – The guy who gave me $60 because I did not have enough cash for the autograph and they did not take credit. The gal who gave me the ticket that would have cost $130 when all I had was $100 to have something of your own signed just because she was so moved by the man who gave me the cash. The guy who moved us up in line from behind over 300 fans to second in line at the desk for David to sign the autograph because my son was not feeling well.

Shannon C. – I want to give props to the wonderful ALS (sign language) interpreters who work their butts off running from panel to panel at the con. I love how Stan Lee came out and gave us a show at his age; Max, his handler, has been with him 13 years and makes sure he gets breaks and fed. You can tell they really care about each other and the fans. Third, I liked the improvements to the photo op area with the screen with the actors and times, and when I was there, the lines were labeled and organized. I think the waiting area is where people got hung up. I also love the guidebook app and look forward to the update each year.



If you have been, tell us in the comments below about your experiences with Awesome Con.

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