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What Do You MEAN, ‘Death Stranding’ Isn’t Coming To E3?

Let me start this off by saying that the gamers here at PCU love Hideo Kojima. We really do. That being said, the fact that there will not be any new info on Death Stranding brought to E3 2017, is a little more than frustrating. Especially to those of us who are truly looking forward to learning more about this mysterious project.

That’s right, dear readers, Death Stranding will not appear at E3 2017, according to Kojima himself. The famed director stated on Twitter today, that Kojima Productions Studio is “fully focused on development”, and that fans could catch him with Geoff Keighley on June 14th. Granted, Kojima did give us cryptic another image to ponder, which resembles a spider’s web with the word “Bridges” written under it. 

Of course, that gives gamers little to nothing new to go on, as it’s just as enigmatic as the rest of the stuff that’s been released about the game. So far, gamers have gotten a look at Norman Reedus crying over an infant child, while standing naked (save for a necklace) on a blackened wasteland. We’ve also seen (the likeness of) Guillermo del Toro carrying said infant in what looks like a mechanical womb, while attempting to evade soldiers led by ‘professional creepy guy’ Mads Mikkelsen. Confused yet? Us too.

However, all is not lost. In true Kojima style, the famed game creator seems to be dropping connected hints here and there, and watching to see if the more observant and clever fans can put the puzzle pieces together. While today’s tweeted image isn’t a plot synopsis and character motivation spelled out, the connection to the Game Awards trailer we saw is there, for those of us who know how to look at it. 

Here’s what we’ve seen: In the trailer that we were treated to, we see (the likeness of) Guillermo del Toro wearing a small lapel pin, which shows a map of the United States – but labled “United Cities of America” (for an unknown reason). If we look closely, we can see that the pin is overlayed with the same stylistic spider’s web, with the same cryptic word, “Bridges” on it.


This connection, of course, sent the Death Stranding subreddit into a frenzy of speculation & guesswork as to what the image could mean. There’s even a discussion on the site about whether or not the web contains some masked Morse code. Weirder still? Someone even brought up the theory that actor Jeff Bridges will join the cast of the game. Sure, that’s a cool idea. But will it actually happen? Most likely not, and we think that that theory is quite a bit of a stretch…

Death Stranding is still set to debut on the PS4, but of course no actual dates have been confirmed. Additionally, there have been no formal announcements for a PC version of the game, but Kojima Productions did mention in a Q&A that one will be available “at some point” after the game’s initial release.

Tell us, dear readers: In light of the announcement that the game will not appear at E3 2017, do you wish Kojima and his team would give us more actual details, or are you fine with the secretive clues? Let us know in the comments below!

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