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Review Brew: Rock Candy Mountain #3

Writer/Artist: Kyle Starks
Colors: Chris Schweizer
Publisher: Image Comics
Price: $3.99

Rock Candy Mountain is back this week, with another interesting issue. Jackson, the world’s toughest hobo is searching for the mythological Rock Candy Mountain, and he meets quite the cast of characters along the way. Lots of hobo fights and having to teach a new guy about it all is just the start of this strange tale. Also, the Devil is on the hunt for Jackson, as well as the feds, but you didn’t hear that from me.

This issue, Jackson and Pomona Slim run into two tramps named Lard and Dakota, before running into the Devil. The Devil has been featured in each issue so far, and this is the first time, the two have met since the first issue. The writing is superb and keeps you invested in the story. Some of Jackson’s past is revealed, especially his deal with the Devil. We even learn about the differences between a tramp, a hobo, and a bum. The humor is used to great effect, as Lard and Dakota add some levity to the title. It was amusing seeing Jackson get bent out of shape over the two, but Pomona Slim was cool enough to let them hang around. The pacing is well done, and the dialog manages to keep you entertained with the menagerie of characters.

The art is good and has a unique look to it. It’s cartoony and has a minimalistic style that lends itself to the story. Characters look fine and have their own feel to them. I like how the action is handled, as it showcases the power of the Devil and Jackson. The panel layouts are great, and contains quite a bit of detail within each panel. The colors by Schweizer fit the world and makes it feel grounded. Even though when the Devil is around, he makes the colors vibrant with his red self.

If you want a comic that’s about butt-kicking hobos and the Devil, check this story out.

4.5 Hobos without a Shotgun out of 5

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