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Nintendo E3 2017 Predictions

We are less than a month away from E3, and as we wait to hear about all of the new gaming announcements, it’s time to speculate about what we will see come forth.

For the last few years, Nintendo has opted to not show up in person for E3, but instead do video streams of their announcements. This year is no different as they have scheduled June 13,2017 for their announcements and fans can tune into it here.

Many eyes will of course be on Nintendo, as many of their announcements will center around the Switch and possible game releases for the fall and beyond. But what can gamers hope to see? Let’s discuss below.

Additions to the Switch’s User Interface

One of the biggest announcements I hope that we hear from Nintendo will be what they will do to improve the Switch’s user interface. Let’s face it; the UI is one of the most bare-bones in recent gaming history. However, it’s understandable for many gaming systems to have a UI evolve over time, so here’s hoping that during the E3, Nintendo announces any improvements they plan to make.

Two things that could be added right off the bat that would make the Switch an attractive platform, would be the Virtual Console (and possibly some GameCube games?) as well as streaming content providers. I am still somewhat amazed in this day and age that a console has released without a Netflix, Hulu, or other streaming app available. Since Nintendo designated this system to be a mobile and home hybrid system, it only makes sense to have this content there, so my fingers are crossed that we will see this.

It’s all about those games…

Outside of additions to the UI, gamers are looking forward to the game announcements. While the Switch wowed gamers coming out of the gate with a potential Game of the Year in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, many are concerned that the last two games released (Lego City Undercover and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe) are ports from the Wii U. Furthermore, the upcoming Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challenger is nothing more that an updated 1994 game. This leaves the question of where are the new and original games, as fans didn’t pay $300 just to play more ports. Sure, we all know that a new Splatoon is on the way as well as ARMS, but Nintendo is going to need some serious new games to win over critics who still aren’t sold on the Switch as a system yet.

One big rumor that has cropped up within recent days is that Activision may be working on a Call of Duty: WWII port for the Switch. There are a few reasons why that may be enticing to gamers. For one, critics won’t be able to say that the Switch is a ‘kiddie system’, even though CoD has popped up on the Wii and Wii U. The other reason is that many gamers can only imagine the possibility of a portable Call of Duty title and if done properly it opens up many possibilities for this enduring shooter.

I am salivating at the possibility!!

The fear that gamers have about this, however, is getting a game that is inferior to the PS4 and Xbox One versions, so only time will tell what we will get should this announcement prove to be true. Other big game series that I would like to see brought over would be an Assassins Creed game and Hearthstone, but I won’t hold my breath for either.

Another game being teased for the Nintendo Switch is Pokémon Stars. A few months ago, Nintendo deleted a Pokémon YouTube video and since that time, gamers have speculated that an announcement is imminent. If Nintendo wanted to see the Switch sell out come the holidays, then a surefire way to do that would be to announce a Pokémon release at E3.

As stated earlier, Nintendo really needs some heavy hitters to make the first year of the Switch worth it, and what better way than to have a Pokémon game release alongside Super Mario Odyssey in the fall? My only fear however, is that if this game is announced, it won’t be released until early 2018; and given the sparse news about this Pokémon release, we will have to wait for Nintendo’s announcement E3 to see.

Fire Emblem Warrior fans are probably eager to hear more on this game, as it’s slated for a Fall release. The only question is: how will it be different from the Nintendo 3DS version?

I am still somewhat curious to hear about The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim’s conversion to the Switch and what it will bring. Sure, it’s a 6 year old game now, but while Zelda: BotW mostly scratches that itch, it’s safe to say that it’s been a very long time since a Western RPG has been seen on a Nintendo system; and a competent, portable Skyrim port may convince a few die hard fans to take the plunge for the system. The bigger question, however, is what will it mean for mod builders and how will they work once the game releases?


What about the 3DS?

I don’t think we will hear too much news on the fate of the 3DS this time around. However, with the Nintendo Switch possibly being front and center this year, I do believe gamers can start counting down how much life is left in the 3DS system. Many were teased with a Pikmin game last year and Hey! Pikmin is slated for a July release.

Beyond that – and the aforementioned Fire Emblem Warriors – the only other big 3DS release gamers may have to look forward to in the fall is Monster Hunter Stories which released in Japan last year. My prediction is that this may be the last year gamers will see a lot of support as the 3DS makes room for the Switch. Even though Nintendo keeps saying that the Switch is not the successor to the 3DS, in many ways, the writing is on the wall.

Anything else…?

Just a few bullet points of what to look for:

  • An announcement regarding the Nintendo Network and what it will cost gamers to play online
  • What other Wii U ports we may see in 2017-18. Super Smash Bros. anyone?
  • We all know that Super Mario Odyssey is coming but maybe we will see a playable version.
  • What about some Metroid? Can we please get a Metroid game?

Nintendo fans, what are you most eager to see what Nintendo announces at the E3? Let us know in the comments below.

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