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Far Cry 5’s Setting Revealed, and Rumors Possibly Confirmed.

Another Ubisoft title, Far Cry 5 was teased on May 22nd, as the developer revealed that the game would be set in Montana, in the northern USA. Ubisoft released 4 teaser trailers for the game, each with the base title of, “Welcome to Hope County”.

The news came with mixed reactions from gamers on Twitter, with comments ranging from “Gonna be the same result as fc4 and fcp youtubers makes sponsored vides, it game gets over hyped and then it dies. [SIC]”, to the memes we see every day about how hyped people get for news on their favorite game franchises.

This will be the first western world setting for the Far Cry franchise, with the previous titles having taken place in the fictional Himalayas, the African Savannah, the Pacific Islands, a neon light-heavy 80’s sci-fi future (reminiscent of Blade Runner) and the Stone Age.

In addition to what we see in the teasers, there was a Reddit post on May 18th, in which a supposed industry insider talked about various aspects of the game, and mentioned that  is that the game will have “a heavily — HEAVILY — religious angle to the evil” and that there were “some oblique references to this religion sharing some commonalities with Scientology”.

What this means for gameplay, story, and mechanics is yet to be discovered, but the franchise does seem to have a lot to make up for, as Far Cry 4 was criticized a lot by gamers for not meeting the high bar that was set by Far Cry 3. It seemed that the only way that Ubisoft avoided making the same mistake with their follow-up offering of Far Cry Primal, was to take the setting back to the days of cavemen, and completely removing firearms.

The official announcement trailer for Far Cry 5 is set to premiere on Friday, May 26th, so stay tuned to PCU for further details!

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