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The Flare of Geek Watch Faces: Android Wear edition

A timepiece has been an indispensable item in the wardrobe of many for centuries. As technology has advanced, so have the versatility and style of timekeeping. With the many options available to create a curated, connected, time-telling experience, smartwatches have change the landscape and utility of watches for many. With the ability to change watch faces on the fly, the smartwatch offers the geek in all of us a new avenue of expression.

Matrix face for Android wear


This watch face is even more appropriate with the recent news that the powers that be over a Warner Brothers are trying to reboot the Matrix. Regardless of the outcome of that endeavor, this watch face helps to capture that nostalgia of the almost 20-year-old sci-fi classic. This watch face is free to download from Dheera Venkatraman.

Pac-man watch face


Who doesn’t love Pac-Man? Even if you were not alive to experience Pac-Man Fever back in the day, gamers young and old understand the importance of this yellow power pellet munching power house. This official watch face from Bandai Namco is a great way to sport classic arcade vibe on your wrist and its only $0.99.

Rubik’s Watch Face


Much like the aforementioned Pac-Man watch face, this Rubik’s cube inspired watch face finds the height of its popularity firmly rooted in the bye gone 80’s, yet still remains to present in today’s pop culture. This watch face is a great inspired take on the classic. This watch face is free to download from Rubik’s.

Flash – Watch Face


Old time sayings always refer to the passage of time as one that flies by. However time will no doubt flash before your eyes with this Flash inspired watch face. It doesn’t matter if your favorite Flash is Barry Allen, Wally West, or Jay Garrick, this watch face would be a great homage to the scarlet speedster. It’s offered by Tha Phlash for $1.99.

Deadpool Watch Face


Of course everyone’s favorite 4th wall breaking merc with a mouth would have his own watch face. This offering from BoostApp features various Deadpool inspired styles going from a subtle hint of Wade to the full on 4th wall breaking merc that we all know and love. This watch face is less than a chimichanga at just $1.99.

Comics Little Monster Watch


It’s hard to believe that Suicide Squad is an Oscar-winning movie (the end is neigh). Undoubtedly the highlight of the film was Margot Robbie’s portrayal of Harley Quinn. This Comics Little Monster watch face by Yaco System is a Harley Quinn inspired watch face that is sure to bring out all of the little monster in you. This watch face is free to download.

Joker Watch Face: Ha Ha


There is no little monster without Mr. J. This Joker inspired watch face by BoostApp features multiple settings to bring the “Clown Prince of Crime” to your timepiece. The joke’s on you as this watch face will only set you back $1.49.

As you can imagine, these offerings are only a few of the many that can be found to change your Android wear watch into something a more unique to your own taste.

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