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So, about that Matrix Reboot…

In many ways The Matrix was a groundbreaking film and one of the last great movies of the 90’s. The story of a dystopian world run by machines as humans were used as batteries was a unique vision at that time.  Even more groundbreaking was the visual effects done by Manex Visual Effects creating one of the most often imitated effects in modern movie history.  As far as the trilogy may go, there are many differing and polarizing opinions on how all three movies stack up when it comes to great trilogies but I am sure that fans and movie goers did not expect that the idea for a reboot would come so soon.  There are many reasons why we don’t need this. Let’s see if we are on the same page.

It hasn’t even been 20 years yet!

Let’s start off with the obvious: Hollywood is so lazy right now that hardly a year can go by without having obvious sequels, controversial whitewashed movies and remakes of movies that fans really didn’t ask for.  Supposedly as of last month there are over 100 titles that are in consideration for being remade or rebooted and the question has to be asked, “who keeps green lighting these movies?”?  The first Matrix movie was an iconic blockbuster and it’s considered a classic.  For its time, The Matrix was a refreshing idea even though its release was at at a quiet moment for movies (March of 1999). Its originality in the SFX and story was a huge draw for new fans. Also, it wasn’t just the SFX that made it popular. The existential philosophies  and allegories being introduced as well as questioning humanity’s dependence on machines was a huge factor as to why this series was so popular. That being the case, rebooting this movie in such a short time when the effects of the originals are still being felt in pop culture is a slap in the face for what made this movie iconic in the first place. Heck, love it or hate it, the new Ghost in the Shell movie due out at the end of this month, visually looks heavily inspired from The Matrix. Because of this, let’s be honest, rebooting the Matrix series now is more for financial gain and taking advantage of today’s visual effects wizardry than it would be in exploring some of the philosophies introduced in the original.

The Wachowskis are not involved

Your miles may vary on how you feel about the Wachowskis. Granted, yes, the first Matrix movie was pure fire, the 2nd was ummm, what the hell is going on and the 3rd was a dumpster fire, but the early word is for now, Warner Brothers Studios will not have their involvement. I am not so sure if that is the right play. But, on the other hand, you take George Lucas out of Star Wars and you get…oh yeah.  No matter how this gets done, many fans early on already thinks this is a bad idea and even worse if you don’t have the original minds behind it on board, the reboot will probably suck.


We didn’t ask for this

Let’s state this again. While the trilogy started on a high note, it didn’t end on one. Just because it didn’t end well did not mean that we as fans wanted to see this redone.  Clearly, and we have all said it so many times, that when a movie like this one is under consideration for remaking or rebooting, Hollywood has run fresh out of ideas.  I don’t know why Hollywood is so scared of fresh ideas because anytime a small movie like Get Out can make over $100 million dollars after it only being budgeted at 4 million, some fresh ideas seem to work.  Hidden Figures only got a $25 million dollar budget and has made $165 million. Meanwhile the last xXx sequel got a budget for 85 million and has just barely made ½ of it back. The reboot of Ghostbuster after 144 million went in to make it, still has yet to make its money back domestically.  We can go in the weeds and look at finances and the numbers just won’t add up to justify this being done.

Or, heaven forbid, how about a compromise: Instead of rebooting the whole thing, maybe consider doing a Netflix series or even a new Animatrix movie? At least test the waters to see what audiences want before considering rebooting the whole thing. Come on, look at the numbers.  The first Matrix movie cost $63 million to make and made back more than double domestically while the last one cost $150 million and didn’t even break even. WB do you even want to risk what it would cost now on a reboot?

The bottom line is a Matrix reboot may not go over well with fans. There was so much about the original movie that made it iconic and for this to be even considered in less than 20 years, proves further the point that Hollywood is lazy. There are far too many great ideas that many studios could take a risk on doing in hopes of bringing audiences in and the original Matrix movie was one of those ideas.  There has to be a certain irony in taking a movie with a creative idea that surpassed all expectations and lazily remaking it in hopes of recapturing the magic of the original. If Warner Brothers Studios is smart, they would listen to the will of fans and leave this alone. Heck, just find a way to get a good Justice League movie out before you butcher this franchise again.

Please share your thoughts below.

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  1. I would love to see a Netflix Series before a Roboot! Awesome Idea!

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  2. Serious ? Reboot ? Wow i hope thats good… maybe the story of previous The Chosen One… or story of Matrix some decade after Neo’s sacrifice ??

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