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Pokémon GO – Something to be Thankful For

Greetings, fellow Pokéhunters! It looks like we weren’t kidding when we said Niantic would roll out the occasional holiday updates. A mere month after their popular Halloween event, Pokémon GO will bring something nice to the table for Thanksgiving.

While we’re all sitting around, stuffing ourselves with turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy, your trainers will be stuffing themselves with extra experience and stardust! Starting Nov. 23rd and on through Nov. 30th, you will earn double the XP and Stardust for all tasks. That’s right, ALL tasks, including catching and evolving Pokémon, visiting Pokéstops, hatching eggs, battling at gyms, etc. Get those Lucky Eggs ready, because if there was ever a time to level up your Trainer and Pokémon, it’s now!

Niantic hasn’t referenced Thanksgiving officially for this event, of course, but its occurrence around that holiday isn’t coincidental. Not to mention, their official comment said this was “to say thank you” and “to celebrate our community.” If that doesn’t speak of the Thanksgiving spirit, I don’t know what does!

We should be glad, though, this is just a simple “thank you.” Otherwise, some prankster might have decided to celebrate Turkey Day with increased Pidgey spawn rates.

That is not something I’d be thankful for.

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