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How to be content with cosplay in 2016 and beyond…

For quite some time, this meme has been making the rounds and for a lot of us, the idea of cosplaying for fame is not our main goal in life.


For many of us, cosplay is a hobby that we enjoy because it brings us together with others that also enjoy it and being famous is the last thing on our mind. Many that want to be famous may not realize exactly how much hard work one must put in to stay on to.  Fame is indeed fleeting and one must prepare for the day when the spotlights are gone and the cameras are aimed elsewhere.  At that point one can only ask, what kind of impact did they have on others?  For this, Corey and Briana step forward again to offer their insight on cosplay and fame.

Corey M.

DON’T cosplay to be famous, because if you don’t BECOME famous, you’re going to resent it.
Cosplay because YOU LIKE IT.

This way, you will always be content, because becoming famous was never a goal in the first place.

Be inspired by TV, comics, or other cosplayers.

Learn your craft and put together new stuff, or if you do one character well, keep on perfecting it.

Meet and hang out with other cosplayers.  Ask questions, learn from them and most of all listen and help them out when you can.  Networking among cosplayers is a great thing.

Take an active role in being a role model not just to the kids, but to other cosplayers as well.
Work with children and make them smile and feel important because a REAL LIFE super hero is talking to them.  Believe it or not using your cosplay skills as community service can give great rewards.

Go to cons and enjoy being stopped by con-goers whose day you will make that much better, because they get a photo op with their favorite super heroes or villains come to life.

MOST OF ALL, HAVE FUN!!! Because when all you want to do is become famous, you miss all the other stuff.

And if in the process of doing the above, you actually do become famous, enjoy that too. But don’t be all mad and bitter because you didn’t become famous. Especially if you don’t really know or understand what the ones who did become famous had to do and sacrifice to get there. You might be surprised with how much fun they’re NOT having, as a result.  Also don’t forget your friends, family and yourself most importantly.

I wouldn’t trade the stuff I get to experience under what is listed under “Cosplay because YOU LIKE IT” for anything. Because THAT’S how I’m content with cosplay no matter WHAT year it is.


Briana L.

I wonder if the people who make these memes realize that:

1. The people who are “famous” with cosplay most likely did not plan on being famous and did it/do it because it’s fun. It’s not like they aren’t passionate about it, they all do characters they love in the way they love to do it.


2. The people who are “famous” with cosplay have been doing it for a long, long time. Everyone likes to point at Yaya Han but that woman has been cosplay since 1998. That is a looooong time to be doing this. It’s not like she just started yesterday and now has millions of fans.  To be cosplaying for nearly 20 years and still do it at a high level means a lot of work was put in.

3. Part of being “famous” means you’re treating it like a business and eeeeeverything changes when your hobby becomes a way of life. When conventions become an expense you have to factor in and you have to figure out fun things like taxes? Yeeeeeah… Also consider how much one has to travel and the possibility of missing out on events with family and friends to maintain fame.  When your image is your income, you can’t always turn down work.

4. Realize how hypocritical it is to bash a particular kind of cosplayer when I’m sure they’d hate if people bashed them for whatever reason. This whole “cosplay is for everyone” thing means everyone, that includes sexy cosplayers.

There is a lot that one has to consider when pursuing a life of fame.  The question is, how much is one willing to give up in pursuit of it? Is it worth trading in friends, family and even a moment of peace just so that everyone knows who you are?

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  1. yeah… i actually just cosplay for fun…. famous is bonus… frienship among cosplayer better than anything IMO…


  2. in indonesia… cosplay event usually held once a week… and sometimes clash between 2 or more event


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