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‘Speechless’ S1E4: H-A-L- -HALLOWEEN

It’s been 2 weeks since we last saw the DiMeo family (thank you, POTUS debates), and they could not have come back with a bigger bang.

Speechless‘s Halloween episode was as hilarious as I had hoped for, really began to deepen the characters personalities. With the DiMeos having done themed family costumes every year for a while, it was their (i.e. Jimmy’s) original intention to use the original Back to the Future movie (DeLorean wheelchair!) as their inspiration this year. A family Halloween, however, did not go exactly as planned for the DiMeo clan.


The DiMeo Halloweens in years gone by

In a surprise for Ray (Mason Cook), he was called upon by his crush Jillian (Lukita Maxwell), who had broken up with her boyfriend, to help In designing their high school’s haunted mansion. Being the surprisingly dutiful younger sister, Dylan (Kyla Kenedy) also jumped in to offer some…decidedly twisted ideas. In true DiMeo fashion, however, the project doesn’t have the result that Ray hoped for.

If you’ve been reading my reviews of this show regularly, you know that I LOVE the interaction between Kenneth (Cedric Yarbrough) & JJ (Micah Fowler). This week was no different, as JJ got himself…a little inebriated at a Halloween party with friends, by playing a few fast ones on Kenneth. As you can probably guess, Maya (Minnie Driver) was none too happy about this, but she & Jimmy (John Ross Bowie) quickly realized that JJ is beginning to have more of an “idiot teenager” life, even though grounding JJ “for a year” was monetarily on the table.


As always, there were laughs aplenty in last night’s episode of this amazing show, and a final shot that really brought the episode together perfectly. The acting is always top notch, and the whole cast really has fantastic on-screen chemistry.

I really hope that this show is getting the recognition that it so truly deserves.

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