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With the Nintendo Switch, you CAN…but Do You Want To?

“Can what?” you may ask. If you read our reveal article yesterday, you’ve seen the Ninendo Switch trailer (formerly known as Nintendo NX), and the answer is: pretty much everything. This new system is shockingly flexible, but will it actually work well? See the trailer below.

Play on the Go
Taking the game off the big screen and picking right back up on the tablet-like portion of the Switch sounds friggin’ awesome…but then again, it did for the Wii U, too.

What will it be like to play Zelda: Breath of the Wild or any other games on the much smaller (7 inch) screen? Will the resolution be the same–or can it be with so many TV options? Will the hardware be enough to justify the change or will the on-the-go size limits slow down the game? Can it be the same immersive experience on a smaller format?

And what about that battery life? Will it be worth it? If the portability isn’t worth much, it kind of defeats the whole point.

Play at Home
Perhaps I’m looking at this backwards. Analysts are talking about how this could replace the 3DS as the new portable console. If that’s the case, will it really be worth playing on the big screen?

It’s fun, sure. I still have a Super Gameboy that I hook up to my Gamecube to play GBA games on the big screen…sometimes. Let’s be honest, small-screen games don’t always look good on the big screen.

Of course, having the option is pretty fun.

Play Remotely
Here’s an odd one: according to the trailer, you can prop up the tablet portion of the Switch and slip off the control parts so you can hold one in each hand and lean back in your seat to play.

Does that weird anybody else out? I mean yeah, it’s essentially how you play the popular Wii (a thingy in each hand), but the button layout isn’t the same. It’s like a Gamecube controller…in two pieces.

How…how does that…I don’t even…what…I mean it’s the same, but it’s not the same, it’s one controller, but it’s in two pieces and my hands can drift apart, so it’s weird, but it’s the exact same–I don’t have the coordination for this!!

Play with Friends
Ah, in-person multiplayer, how we’ve missed you. Many gamers long for the days of plugging up four controllers and screen-peeking on their buddies (shame on you). The Switch seems to encourage this with linkable systems and even letting someone play split-screen with you by splitting the controller into two workable controllers.

…wait. So we have a controller with two sticks, twelve face buttons, and four trigger buttons, but now two people can play it with…one stick, six face buttons, and possibly no triggers?

Uh…how? I mean if you can pull it off, that’s amazing. But…how? Plus, those things are tiny.

Oh! You can play with the normal console controller on the tablet part, too? Well then wouldn’t you give the other controller parts to your friend rather than splitting it in two? I’m lost here…

Play with Cartridges
Aw, man, remember cartridges? So much more endurance than discs, you can fix them by blowing on them, and they look tiny in the video, so that’s easy to store!

But wait…does that mean it’s not backwards compatible with disc games? You know, the last three console generations of Nintendo content? I mean sure, lots of stuff is available digitally, but am I going to have to re-buy all my old disc games?

Nintendo is certainly an innovative company. The Wii and 3DS systems were huge hits, after all. However, the Wii U flopped and Nintendo has had a bit of trouble competing with the bigger, badder consoles.

Once more, they’re trying something radical. Embracing the tablet generation, charting new controller layouts, reintroducing nostalgic gaming elements, and trying to offer the most flexible gaming experience out there.

The only problem is it all has to work. If not, then what’s the point?

I’m skeptical…but also a little excited.

What about you? Let us know your thoughts about the Switch in the comments!

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  1. I’m excited. While the Wii U was certainly a flop as far as most people are concerned, I’ve loved the hell out of mine. Great games, great controller, and just a great, intuitive user experience all round. I think it’s a shame more people don’t realise just how good Nintendo’s more recent consoles are. So, yeah, I’m sold on the Switch. 🙂

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