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This Wonder Woman photoshoot is EPIC!!!

3-year-old Kaylieann Steinbach’s school photo was epic.  Yet, another 3 year old’s cosplay photoshoot may have made a lot of us adult cosplayers look tame and lame. Josh Rossi, a commercial photographer took his daughter Nellee’s shoot to new levels by spending $1500 for a custom made leather Wonder Woman costume and props.


That, along with his photography and digital editing skills made this shoot awesome.


By taking scenes from the trailer, Josh worked wonders in making Nellee look as if she could give Gal Gadot a run for her money.


Nellee’s dream is to one day have a real photoshoot with Gadot herself!  Take a look at this video for the story behind the scenes.



MODEL: Nellee Rossi

COSTUME: Mcgrew Studio

PROPS: Crit Killen

HMUA: Eve Keener

MUSIC: Caleb Blood


ARTICLE BY: Hanssie Ho

See Josh Rossi’s work on Instagram @joshrossiphoto.

To see more of the work, go here.

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