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Dark Souls: ‘Ashes of Ariandel’ will have a PvP component

We recently brought you information about the new Dark Souls expansion pack, entitled “Ashes of Ariandel”. Well, now it seems that you’ll be given way more to do in the game, with the trailer released today on the Fextralife YouTube channel, showing off a PvP feature to the expansion.

Firstly, it looks like there will also be some team vs. monster fights. With the notorious difficulty level of the Souls games, this may come as a relief to those of us who are easily frustrated by being killed after whittling an enemy down to negligible health. Don’t rest on your laurels too much, though. From the looks of things, players on these teams might be able to actually betray their allies, literally stabbing them in the back (just…wait until you’ve defeated a Demon Cleric or something, huh?).

The big news, however, is the inclusion of what is being called the “Immortal Competition”. The fights appear to accommodate 3v3 combat between players – which could of course make for some absolutely insane throwdowns. The trailer shows off a bit of the arena, without spoiling too much of the mechanics of PvP battle. While there don’t seem to be multiple arenas at the moment, that could potentially change down the line. Additionally, the voiceover in the trailer gives the sense that covenant allegiance will come into play in this DLC – most likely revolving around players from one covenant fighting their rival covenants.

With dazzling, snow-covered areas, new (and aggressive) enemies to fight, and some terrifyingly grotesque boss fights, Ashes of Ariandel looks to be some serious fun – provided that another human player doesn’t beat you to a bloody mess first…

Ashes of Ariandel will be available for XBox One, PS4, and PC on October 25th.

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