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ROGUE ONE brings a new hope to the Rebellion.

“Save the Rebellion. Save the dream!”

The latest trailer for ROGUE ONE has been released and shows us the stakes that our heroes are fighting for.

We learned some more information this time around. We already knew that Mads Mikkelsen was playing Galen Erso, but now we have confirmation that he is key to the development of the Death Star and that he might have a history with Ben Mendelsohn‘s Director Orson Krennic. This is why Jyn Erso is so important to the Rebellion. We also see that the years haven’t been kind to Forest Whitaker‘s Saw Gerrera–a character introduced in the fifth season of THE CLONE WARS show as the prototypical Rebel and the first to be making a transition to live-action. The scale of the Death Star has been shown in other trailers but it gets reinforced in this one as it is seen cresting the horizon of a planet. We also get to see more space dogfights as X-wings are seen attacking an imperial facility. Most importantly, we get to see more of Darth Vader. We still don’t know how large of a role he will be taking in this movie, but it is still exciting to see his iconic figure cut a swath across the screen.

ROGUE ONE will be in theaters on December 16.

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