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Review Brew – The Shield #3

Things get dicey.

Writer: Adam Christopher & Chuck Wendig

Artist: Drew Johnson
Colors: Kelly Fitzpatrick
Letterer: Rachel Deering
Editor: Alex Segura
Assistant Editor: Jamie Lee Rotante
Covers:  David Williams; Joe Eisma, Ron Salas, Wilfredo Torres
Publisher: Dark Circle Comics


This is my first ever reading of The Shield and I gotta say, it’s pretty damn boss. Victoria, the titular Shield, is doing soul-crushing wetwork in an attempt to keep her friend Nicole safe. It’s also to try and find out more regarding the experiments done on her back in the day. (Like wayyyyyyy back) Unfortunately for the ladies there are others at play and they’re plans are far more intricate, and deadly, than either is prepared for.

Adam Christopher and Chuck Wendig have written a very interesting and dark book with two complicated leading ladies. The intrigue and espionage are well thought out, and fun, with dynamic fights and quiet scenes wonderfully illustrated by Drew Johnson and Kelly Fitzpatrick.

More please?

Five out of Five Little Old Ladies

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