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‘Dark Souls 3: Ashes Of Ariandel’ Gameplay Footage Dials Up the Danger

Dark Souls players! Your first look at the new expansion to Dark Souls 3, entitled Ashes of Ariandel hit the internet earlier this week, and it looks pretty incredible! The preview features a few new enemies that players will go up against in the expansion, and also gives fans of the notoriously difficult franchise some good in-game footage to peruse. Ashes of AriandelI looks like it’s not going to disappoint.


While the video isn’t terribly long (4 minutes & 45 seconds), a lot of good content is stuffed into it. If you’ve been paying attention to the promotional screenshots released by Bandai Namco & FromSoftware, you may recognize a few of the creatures. However, the vid now gives an idea of some of those enemies’ attack patterns. The preview also showcases some of the new support items, and some of the weapons, that might help out a warrior running across the snowy landscape.

Take heed, however: There are a few spoilers for the expansion within this video. Now, we here at PCU can’t point them all out, but the developer did include a spoiler warning at the beginning of the vid. Therefore, we’d be remiss if we didn’t let you know about them. You’ve been warned.

Ashes of Ariandel is in development for XBox One, PS4, and PC, and is slated to be available on October 25th.

What do you think, dear readers? Are you excited for Ashes of Ariandel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below, and stay tuned to Pop Culture Uncovered for more gaming news!

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