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Gotham S3:E3 Recap

Let the games begin…

Mad City: Look Into My Eyes

Jervis Tetch aka The Mad Hatter aka Evil Chris Cornell (ECC from here on out) has arrived in Gotham, ostensibly to find his sister Alice (natch) but mostly to be this season’s Hugo Strange: odd, psychologically damaging and a monkey wrench to everyone’s well laid plans. Within a few days he’s weaseled his way into Barbara’s life, though Tabitha isn’t down with him, at all, and gotten Jim involved in his family drama. The good thing is that Alice is not as crazy as her brother. The bad thing is she may be, unintentionally, far more dangerous.

At Wayne Manor, while Bruce is curious and intrigued, Alfred is rightfully freaked out by Five (Bruce’s clone). That’s not helped by the fact that Five has clearly been trained as a fighter – even if he doesn’t remember – and has some truly freaky scars on him. However, and this may be a theme this season, Five doesn’t seem to want to be dangerous. He’s just trying to survive and figure out who and what he is. The question remains whether the ticking time bomb of whatever he is, and whatever was done to him, will allow him to be a person or a monster.

Meanwhile Oswald follows in the footsteps of his comic book counterpart and makes a play to become Mayor of Gotham, when Mayor James’ sketchy ass tries to retake the position after get usurped by Galavan last season. While James has learned from his interaction with the Galavan siblings to play the game a little better he’s just not equipped in any way for Oswald, who learned at the feet of Fish Mooney and Don Falcone. And since Oswald wants to be seen winning it’ll be very interesting to see how this plays out.

Booking Notes

  • Barbara and Tabitha’s relationship is already starting to wear under the strain of Barbara’s crazy.
  • Lee not only found herself a slightly taller Jim Gordon substitute but he’s the son of one of Jim’s father figures. It’s not clear if she knew that when she started dating him but if she did I don’t think Lee and I can be cool anymore.
  • Selina continues to bore me, she needs a storyline that isn’t about her cutting off her nose to spite her face or being crazy people adjacent.

This season is moving at a fast clip and several storlylines are being laid out. However, going forward, let’s keep the new characters at a minimum and spend more time developing the ones we currently have – coughSelinacough – further.

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