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Review: Speechless S1:Ep3: “B-o-n-Bonfire”

Another win for Speechless!

Last night’s episode almost seemed to have a moral or two attached to it!  I know, I know, the show isn’t about sending a message, but I think there was a good vibe to the episode.

Ray learned about not letting the opinions of others run his life and affect his well-being, as he struggles to cope with the amount of other people’s trash the DiMeos have repurposed for their own use, and the way that may make others perceive the family. The way that he & dad Jimmy are relating & growing closer is pretty awesome. How he’ll explain things to Jillian, however… We’ll have to see.

Poor Dylan! After Kenneth suggested to her that her love of running stems from a psychological need to make up for JJ’s inability to walk, she spends the whole episode battling an existential crisis. The subtle comedy comes in when she poses the question, “Why do you run?” to the rest of her school running team, and the hilarious “therapy” ensues.

Then, there’s mom Maya, our favorite guy JJ, and Kenneth. You’d think that having Kenneth around would hopefully allow Maya to relax her death grip on JJ’s life, but…no. When she discovers that the upperclassmen bonfire is not accessible to her son, she essentially has it cancelled. This causes some tension at the replacement “bonfire” (held in the gymnasium for accessibility), but Kenneth & JJ aren’t having it, and Kenneth brings the hammer down. Maya then does her “mom thing” to make amends, resulting in a hilarious end to the episode, involving some new terms on JJ’s word board.

All in all, this was another knockout episode of Speechless. The laughs kept coming, and the show doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon. I’d still like to know more about Dylan, and get deeper into the whole “Ray & Jillian” thing, as it’s feeling slightly one-note (where’s the conflict from her boyfriend?).

Keep your eyes on your TVs every Wednesday for this glorious series!

4 out of 5 trash scores

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