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Review Brew: Midnighter and Apollo #1

Written by Steve Orlando
Art by Fernando Blanco and Romulo Fajardo Jr
Cover by ACO and Romulo Fajardo Jr

One of the things that stung about DC Rebirth was that the prior relaunch DC You while fantastic as a whole seemed to have been rolled up and thrown into the trash despite the critical acclaim and tonal diversity. One of the casualties of that prior relaunch was Midnighter. While the prior relaunches of Wildstorm characters were at best misguided, Midnighter bought the farm by basically being relentless and letting Midnighter play loose within the DCU. While the previous Midnighter series was a spin-off of Grayson and played pretty firmly as Midnighter going on a violent rampage within the spy world and on the outs with Apollo, this book goes a long way to reestablish their relationship, as well as give bigger threats for them to punch in the series.

One of the things that carries over in an extremely satisfying way is that the Steve Orlando goes out of his way to both give Midnighter an impressive amount of things to punch while Apollo runs interference, but doesn’t prevent any of that from creating threats to stymie a man with a fight computer and a man who can punch aliens into orbit. The book starts with subway pirates and ends with demons invading Opal City, this is a comic book’s comic book if I ever saw one. While there’s plenty of action, Orlando as always goes a long way to humanize Midnighter, and gives Apollo more to do than just be a disappointed ex and an ideal for Midnighter to live up to. There’s plenty of give and take in their relationship, and while they both have extremely contrasting ideas on what’s right and wrong, their love for each other is unquestionable.

Of course the art is fantastic as well. Fernando Blanco continues the intricate style started by ACO and lays it in with an extreme amount of kinetic action, especially as always when Midnighter is doing his thing. Romulo Fajardo gives a pretty gritty palette and texture to work with: especially during the early scenes with the Subway Pirates, and the invasion of Opal City. While Midnighter and Apollo is painfully short, it is at least a great way to go out in style for these characters, and definitely worth the money in this market.
5 out of 5 Subway Pirates

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