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Jason Bourne Review

Did we need another Bourne movie?

Matt Damon bulked up for fight sceend

Matt Damon reprises his role as Jason Bourne in this fifth installment in the Bourne series.  The movie starts off with Bourne punishing himself for the crimes he’s committed in the name of patriotism. Meanwhile, Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles) is in Iceland looking into Black Ops files that she obtained by hacking the CIA with the intent to expose her old agency’s covert operations.

Parsons tracks down Bourne, who has been off the grid and participating in illegal brawling, to let him know that there was something in the files that he would be more than interest in seeing.

The two find each other in the middle of civil unrest engulfing Athens Greece. Director Paul Greengrass did an awesome job of recreating the Greek riots of 2009. The action scenes in Greece are so top-notch and reminiscent of the first Bourne movies that it became the most thrilling scenes in the movie.

From Athens, Bourne revisits a few European cities but this time old flashbacks caused new flashbacks giving him a clearer picture of his past as he recalls more and more of his memories and fills in the gaps. He starts to figure out the truth about his father and Treadstone and how he came into the picture.

All these new revelations has Bourne debating whether he should go back off the grid and be consumed with self-loathing or if he should fight his demons by going to Las Vegas and taking down the CIA’s Black Ops once and for all.

With the CIA’s asset (Vincent Cassel) hot on his back, Jason Bourne gets into the United States with the help of the CIA lead analyst Heather Lee (Alicia Vikander). Lee is under the tutelage of CIA Director Robert Dewey (Tommy Lee Jones) but wants to undermine his authority. Dewey has to take down Bourne before Bourne can take him down. Bourne resurfaced at the same time Dewey’s secret information partnership with Deep World, a company somewhat similar to Facebook headed by Aaron Kalloor (Riz Ahmed), is falling apart.

If you’re a fan of the Jason Bourne series you will find that this Jason Bourne film is very similar to Bourne Identity and Bourne Supremacy they revisit a lot of the flashbacks that he had in these previous films.  You find out a few new things that helped to evolve David Webb into Jason Bourne. Tommy Lee Jones plays his normal sullen, arrogant, cold characterization that we are used to seeing from him. Heather Lee did a good job playing an analyst. She has quite the poker face.  You never know which way she is going or what she’s truly thinking. And of course, Matt Damon delivered another awesome performance with very few lines spoken.

On the down side, I would have liked to had seen more action in the film as well as having it be less predictable and less like Bourne Identity. The acting was great but the plot was lacking and left a lot still to infer. Writer Christopher Rouse spent too much time failing at trying to connect the dots from the past and not enough time adding unexpected plot twist to hold the audience’s attention.

I can say I did enjoy this movie, I just think that it could have been written a wee bit better.

I give Jason Bourne 3 assets out of 5.

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