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Marvel Ultimate Alliance’s PC port may soon be fixed

As some PC gamers have come to realize, the PC port of Marvel Ultimate Alliance is, quite frankly, a pile of garbage. When it was released on PC, it came with visual improvements on both games.  However, the general consensus seems to be that Marvel Games’ & Activision’s quality assurance teams really dropped the ball on this one, and did not test it completely before sending it out. With several issues being noted upon the port’s release, Steam users tore into the game, leaving some fairly scathing reviews – 95% of which are much like the following examples:

“Terrible port. Nothing seems to work. The controls don’t work and sound issues. This game is a mess. I’ll buy it later when both games are fixed. For now i’m getting a refund.”

“If you are going to charge close to full retail price for your game, at least make an effort to have it playable. Very first button prompt, the please press A part doesn’t work. How does that get passed QA. Come on.”

All may not be lost, however.  It came to light this morning, that Bill Roseman (creative director at Marvel Games) has assured the PC gaming world that Marvel will be speaking with Activision (as if they didn’t know already) regarding the negative feedback that MUA has received.  While this is definitely a step in the right direction, there is no word yet on when the developers will get to patching the severe problems that this version of the game has shown (missing DLC, the aforementioned broken controls, etc).  The hope, is that it won’t be too much longer.

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