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“Avengers” Movies Buck the 2-Part Trend

It all began with Harry Potter. After six successful film, Warner Bros. had to finish the series right and satisfy fans with the adaptation of Harry’s final adventure. But how? The book is so dense and complex that it would be impossible to cut anything.

The answer? Split it in two. The result was quite successful. While parts of the first film were dull, they were uncommon. Both films had enough plot and action to warrant the split.

But then Hollywood execs everywhere, with one finger up their nose and the other hand constantly checking their bank accounts, said, “Dur, let’s do that with all our movies!”

Thus Twilight: Breaking Dawn was needlessly split into two, dragging out the agony. The same went for Mockingjay and Allegiant. And New Line Cinema decided to break The Hobbit into three movies because they were strapped for cash and people are suckers.

But now we see something completely strange. Avengers: Infinity War, which was slated to be two films, has now been condensed into one. The second Infinity War movie will be renamed as it will be a separate film.

Why is this strange? Because like Harry Potter, this is one film that could actually be cut in two. The Marvel Cinematic universe has been getting bigger and crazier, and its movies longer, so seeing a massive two-parter stands to reason. Not only that, Marvel is on the top of the food chain right now. They could make Avengers into five movies and people would see all of them!

But directors Anthony and Joe Russo said that won’t be the case.

Remember: Marvel is owned by Disney, the studio that grabs whats popular and milks it until it bleeds (endless Marvel movies, endless Star Wars movies, endless straight-to-DVD Disney sequels). The fact that they’re skipping on an opportunity like this is astounding. Although they still have a fourth Avengers film lined up to take our money anyway, so whatever.

Personally, I think it’s great that a film studio can look at a movie and say, “No, it’s better as one film.” That shows artistic integrity. And with America’s shrinking attention spans, a long movie could be what the doctor ordered.

Then again, I wouldn’t mind returning to the age of long movies with intermissions. Release the film as one, then halfway through let people stretch their legs, use the john, and buy more snacks (the theaters would love that since they make more money on snacks than tickets). And let fans gab about how awesome the movie is so far, and what they hope will happen next.

Of course, if Infinity War turns out to be an overly-complicated, rushed, cluster-you-know-what, then I could be shooting myself in the foot here. Oh, well. It’s still nice to see a movie studio try to do what’s right for the film as opposed to what will make more money.

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