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Oh, Uwe Boll… Please Go Away.


Everyone’s least favorite video game filmmaker is at it again.  He’s decided to throw a little hissy fit on his website & YouTube channel: (warning: adult language in this vid), and share his disdain for the upcoming Ghostbusters movie , starring Kristen Wiig, Kate McCinnon, Leslie Jones, and Melissa McCarthy.

On his site, Boll talks (read as “whines”) about all of the difficulties that he’s had with getting some of his movies made.

I have a question, though: Why does Boll really think he still has a viable voice in the filmmaking community?  This is the guy who has made such “winners” as Bloodrayne (1 and 2), Alone in the Dark, House of the Dead…the list of crap goes on.  Last June, Boll even went so far as to lambast Hollywood & Kickstarter, and say “F*** You” to movie fans on that very same YouTube channel (Same adult language warning) – all because he couldn’t meet a Kickstarter goal for a movie that he was trying to make (another “cinematic masterpiece”, I’m sure), but then went on to say that he has “enough money to play golf until I’m dead”.


Remember folks, I researched this so you don’t have to.

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  1. I cannot and will not ever and I mean EVER defend the existence of Uwe Boll, however the original House of the Dead dvd had an AWESOME bonus documentary about the history of zombie movies with Romero as a subject. Also HOTD did give Greg Niccotero a chance to perfect his craft. So because of HOTD we kinda sorta have The Walking Dead show. LOL


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