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Magfest… I love you

Magfest… is it 2017 yet?

It’s been two weeks since Magfest, and the con is still on my mind. I never experienced post-con depression until after my first Magfest. I miss the con. I miss the games. I miss the gamers. I miss the people. All I can think about is how much fun I had.

First thing first, the arcade room there is heaven. They had the Donkey Kong arcade machine I played in Los Angeles when I was 6. They had Tekken and Street Fighter from the days I would go to the Arcade on Saturdays to play against people 5-8 years older than me. I was filled with nostalgia and awe. Each person I played against in Tekken 5 (which I ended up playing for hours) was nice, we shook hands, played and the loser got up. Overall, the level of respect people had was amazing and very different from other cons I’ve been to.

Music games! Now I have to say I suck at DDR and Pump, but they had so many music games! I attempted to try each one and ended up gravitating to Jubeat. Jubeat’s machine looks like a rubix cube and it’s amazing! Different squares light up and you have to touch them. Your fingers basically fly across the cube as you listen to different songs. I could not stop playing. The game is addicting and beautiful. The colorful bubbles floating in each square that you touch made you feel like you were in a rainbow. You only need to touch the squares to play, making fast songs really easy to ace. It was a must play at Mag and I had all my friends try it.

Lastly, I have to talk about the parties! For those 21+ this is a perfect party con. People are friendly, they want to party and they want to hang out with you. I give a huge shout out this group called 1449 Convention Connection that threw what I believe was the best party at Magfest! I spent a good 50% of the con partying in different rooms and playing SFV, Street Fighter 3rd Strike, and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 with everyone in the room. Many people bring their consoles and game in their rooms with friends while partying it up all night. I met some of the best people who I hope will turn into lifetime friends at Magfest.
This con is amazing! I recommend all gamers to go. People do cosplay here but the Gazebo is mostly dead compared to Katsucon, but if you want some cool pics the whole place is game! Yet, the crowd is so much better! I enjoyed seeing less of the con drama that occurs between cosplayers and more friendships forming over playing games together.

Sadly, I was so busy with the gaming half of the con I missed the music half. I hope next year I can get the full blown experience.

Magfest I love you… I am seriously counting down the days till I can be there again. I think I found my new home.

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