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CBS’s Supergirl pilot apparently was leaked

An unnamed source via 4chan has revealed that the Supergirl pilot has leaked.

As the details were gathered, many were wondering whether or not this may be a purposeful leak by CBS to gauge audience reaction. The source stated that the leaked files are possibly 2 HQ versions of the pilot to be seen. One is a 1080p and the other is 720p. The source stated that it could be found on kickass torrents.

Thus far, no word yet on the entire plot for the show but it was mentioned that Helen Slater appeared as Kara’s mom and did a nice job. Dean Cain and Calista Flockhart are expected to appear as well.

At present it can not be confirmed if anyone has actually viewed the entire pilot nor any reviews were given.

Here is a clue to consider, Flash was leaked similar to this last year.  Let’s also remember who owns the CW.  **Coff CBS!!**

Who knows, if piracy helped Game of Thrones, maybe a early leak to generate attention may help Supergirl as well.  Also, let’s not kid ourselves, the Flash was a very strong show this season as well.

With 6 months left to air, any criticisms that comes about due to this leak could cause CBS to re-shoot scenes if needed or, if early buzz is not up to par, not air the show.

Supergirl is set to air on Mondays starting in Novembers 2015 and stars Melissa Benoist in the title role.


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  1. I’ve watched the trailer for supergirl on YouTube, and the majority of the comments for the trailer are so negative. I will admit my knowledge on supergirl or any other comic for that matter, whether it’s DC or Marvel is very far from encyclopaedic. So I can see how some of the comments that are concerned about, how supergirl and a few other characters, like Jimmy Olsen have been portrayed are justified. My only concern is that the show is going to be heavily focused on romance and less on the action *(ahem Arrow ahem). Apart from that, I really liked the trailer and I will definitely start watching the show when it airs in November. ☺️Ps sorry for the huge essay, I just wanted to share my thoughts, this is, as condensed as it can possibly be.


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