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Need for Speed getting a reboot

20 Years of History is about to get a make over.  A new era is dawning……NEED FOR SPEED IS BACK!!!!

Since 1994 NFS has been the most successful racing game in the world and is one of the most successful video game franchise.  NFS happens to be one of my personal favorite racing games.  It was the game that got me back into car racing.  Pole Position was my first love.  I’m definitely looking forward to this reboot.  Maybe I can finally customize the perfect purple car that can go from 0 to 200 in 2.5 seconds.  I know its a reach but a girl can dream.

So now we know why EA has been so quiet on the gaming front.  EA promises to deliver richer customization, authentic urban car cultures in an open world with immersive narrative.  Customize your car the way you want.  The Speedhunters have spoken!

From what we know, this is not a sequel to any of the previous games, this is a whole reboot to the franchise. The devs have taken feedback from gamers and are in the process of hopefully delivering the game that car lovers deserve.

The game is set to release in the Fall of 2015.  I’m sure there will be more details during E3.  A full YouTube Reveal is set for June 15, 2015.

The game will be release on the following platforms:  PC, PS4, Xbox One.

by Arnissa Burnett


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