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Review Brew: A-Force #1

Secret Wars

PCU_LOGO_ReviewBrewWriters: Marguerite Bennett & G. Willow Wilson
Artist: Jorge Molina

The concept of A-Force is a very interesting thing. An island of super-women protecting what’s essentially a small utopia in a troubled world, While at first glance it bears a resemblance to Wonder Woman and Paradise Island, it’s a very different animal than that. That island is a full-fledged community, but like any utopia there are cracks in the foundation, especially when there are higher powers at work. That’s the beauty of Battleworld, any number of stories can be told within its fabric, but in the end everything answers to an unfair god: Doom. Bennett and Wilson take full advantage of this setup introducing the trials of She-Hulk, the Baroness of Arcadia, and the other members of A-Force.

As Secret Wars has already established, Doom now god of Battleworld runs a very tight ship, and has very unforgiving laws. The first issue has plenty of action to remind you this is a superhero comic, but the relationships are interesting. There are clever twists on some pre-existing relationships, and even creating new ones between characters who haven’t met like America Chavez and Nico Minoru. The issue has ties with the event at large, but only in as much as any story with a wide world is liable to do, and it does a fantastic job of establishing She-Hulk who has the unenviable task of being able to do what her conscience wants which is to simply protect her people and friends, while balancing her obedience to the true ruler of the world. That moral dilemma carries a great deal of the issue, and helps to separate this version of She-Hulk away from her traditional portrayal as a free spirit, while keeping her at core the same person.

Jorge Molina also does a great job in the issue as well. As the controversy that sprung up around A-Force early on attempted to point out, body types with women in comics can persist toward the negative end of the scale, but A-Force from the cover onward defies that trend. The women in the issue are powerful and heroic, the actions scenes are drawn with plenty of kinetic energy, and since this is Battleworld, the out of place figures that appear stand out in a way that’ll make comic fans happy with how bizarre the setup is. That being said, A-Force is more than worth your 3.99. While it may have sprung out of an event, it stands out on its own enough to warrant buying it even if you only want just 1 comic. Also it has a Megalodon, how can you say no to that?

4 out of 5 Megalodons


Reviewed by Slewo

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