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Review Brew: Aquila #2

From The Pages Of 2000 AD

Writer: Gordon Rennie

Artist: Leigh Gallagher

Color Artist: Gary Caldwell

Londinium Falls In Blood And Fire

After reading and enjoying the first issue of this series, issue two doesn’t disappoint at all. The second installment of this mini series has Aquila being held prisoner and being visited by The Spartan, another immortal in service of Governor Suetonius. The Spartan reveals his past to Aquila, surprising him with his edict not to kill his enemies. He also explains that he doesn’t follow Ammit The Devourer anymore, which intrigues Aquila. While they are talking, the Queen of the Iceni people begins a siege after the sorcerer is slain. Gordon Rennie does a great job of weaving a tale that follows the warrior Aquila through the years as he meets some historical figures while feeding his mistress Ammit The Devourer by killing those that are evil. The character of Aquila is well written as a man on a mission that wants to know more about Ammit and try to escape his fate as one of her warriors. The dialogue really moves this expansive story along while keeping you guessing to know what happens next. The dialogue shows us these people are not nice at all and the world they are living in can swallow you up if you’re caught in the crosshairs. It’s pretty sad that he has to do this but he does some good out of slaying evil throughout the land while on his journey. Seeing the evil in people, he has to address it even when the people that are wronged take it a step further than they should. The last story that follows Aquila to Simon of Capernaum leads into the assassination of an emperor and the events that lead up to it.

Leigh Gallagher does an amazing job with subtle scenes, vicious fights, and lots of blood. The character design is highly detailed. The scenes of combat are just bloody and visceral as the Queen’s army storms Londinium. The fight between The Spartan and Aquila is vicious and up close as the two exchange blows. When the Spartan becomes immortal the scenes of him striking down his foes will send chills down the reader’s spine. The art flows like circulating blood as it moves fast during kinetic action scenes but slows down to show more of the subtle, character development moments of the issue. Characters look war ravaged such as The Spartan with half the skin on his face cut off. Creature design is another of Gallagher’s strong suits. The colors from Gary Caldwell look great as scenes are dark yet maintain brightness, creating an ominous feel to them.

This was an excellent issue as it finishes off the meeting of the “The Spartan “ and fall of Londinium, putting Aquila one step closer to his fated meeting with “Ammit The Devourer.” The story finished well that connects the arc from the first issue and has set up more to come from this character in the next few issues. This story is tailored for more mature readers because of the violence so be mindful of that. Otherwise, two issues in, I certainly can’t wait to see where this story is heading.

5 out of 5 Immortal Spartans

Reviewer: Ray Willis


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