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Next Issue Spotlight – Vince White


If you listened to our latest podcast one of our guests was Vince White who is writing an amazing comic known as Will Power.  We took the time to ask him a few questions about his book and his process.

1.      What was your process for coming up with storylines for Will Power?

How do I create storylines for Will Power? Well I created this thing called the “THE ICON EQUATION™.”  THE ICON EQUATION™ is a collection of observations I have surmised by being a comic book fan for over a 20 years. In those 20 years, I have realized that not all characters arise to the level of “ICON.” I’ve also noticed there are a certain bullet point requirements that all iconic characters share in common. If your character or his or her storyline doesn’t have these ICONIC VARIABLES, then it is very possible that it doesn’t meet THE ICON EQUATION™ and therefore, it’s more likely for it to fall to the wayside. This is true for many heroes, independent and BIG THREE! Some of these great heroes that fall short of the EQUATION but are yet otherwise awesome, are Capt. Britain, Martian Man Hunter, and the Elastic-man, to name a few. Are you wondering why they just don’t seem to make it to the top shelf of superhero icons? I have published a book called “THE ICON EQUATION™” available now on my site . THE ICON EQUATION™ has several steps but I will divulge one step I used in creating new and exciting characters. I call this step “Familiar Strangers.” Many creators use this character creation method instinctually already. To employ Familiar Strangers you take two, complete, diametrically opposed, known, characters and combine them to form a third familiar, yet uniquely different character. The combined known elements allow the reader to instantly relate and have a sense of familiarity with the character. In contrast, the odd quirks the combination causes creates a new, unfamiliar, yet intriguing, storyline for readers to indulge themselves with. Try using the Familiar Strangers method next time you create a hero… I also recommend you pick up a copy of THE ICON EQUATION™ from my site.

2.      With what you are doing, how have other opportunities opened up, not just for yourself, but for other creators as well?

I have seen a huge wave of creative power in the independent market as of late. I believe the evolution of the digital age has allowed creators to, once again, believe they too can be a part! We newcomers are creating the next heroic archetypes for a burgeoning fan base which will comprise the next new millennia. The Legend Of Will Power™, which is the comic book I write and illustrate, has inspired so much positive feedback! Both young and old have tweeted, posted, and blogged about how powerful the book has made them feel for themselves and their kids. The fact that it has been well received shows itself in all the fan art and positive reinforcement from readers. It’s evident to me, that this positive affirmation has become widespread throughout the independent comic book community. I’ve seen the demographic of comic book readers and creators expand into an ever unfolding showcase of diversity and creativity that can only leave one on a positive note. The Legend Of Will Power™ has been just one foot in the door of opportunity for a flood of new talent on the horizon!

3.      What are the 3 things you tell young creators to avoid doing if they want to be successful?

1-Believe in you; always believe in yourself and believe your own “hype!” Yes, I know it sounds egotistical but it’s not. Belief is the fuel the soul runs on! It’s the yellow sun for all your superman-like dreams! So DO believe the HYPE but make sure in your thought process you are a hype AND humble, as well as super-creative and an all-around good person; finding that balance will propel you in ways you can only imagine.

2-Bring something positive to the arena. Remember what superheroes are for! They’re here to teach us that we can be more than what we have accepted as average. We can be exceptional! Our heroes prove that exceptionalism can occupy all attributes that are noble and prudent. Some heroes will fall short, but what makes them true heroes is how they will fight back!

3-Remember every journey progresses one step at a time. Never let the difficulties of the odyssey  cloud your mind! Like my old high school football coach would say: “This is smash mouth, yard by yard, inch by inch football!” This is the grind every journey takes. Life is made of chapters and those chapters are written paragraph by paragraph, line by line, word by word, letter by letter. So never give up! You still need to contribute your verse to the storyline of life… And, above all else, remember… Be POWERFUL!


Don’t forget to check out Vince’s work at !!

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