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The Next Issue Comic reviews – 2/19/14

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The White Suits #1


Writer – Frank J. Barbiere

Artist – Toby Cypress

Reviewer: Aitch Cee

In the short time that I have seen his work and met him, I have become a fan of Frank Barbiere’s books. The reason being is that he can tell stories really well with a good approach of what he’s willing to let out of his bag of tricks.  If you haven’t read it yet, I would highly recommend picking up Five Ghosts and giving it a look.

In this first issue, we have 2 stories going on simultaneously. We have Sarah who is tracking an amnesic man who may or may not have answers in the disappearance of her father and we also have the titular characters who make their appearance scaring the living bejesus out of the underworld.

The main idea of this first issue is a lot of everything and nothing is let out of the bag that it’s enough to keep you guess about where this is all headed.  Who are the White Suits and why are they feared? What is the connection between Sarah and the amnesiac and her father?  Who is ‘good’ or bad’?  There are 3 more issues to find out.

My only knock may be Toby Cypress’ art.   I get that he is going after a Sin City style with his black and white with splashes of red but at times his penchant to be kinetic gets a bit confusing and sloppy and it can work either way depending on where the story is.

Not a bad pick up with this limited series.

3 out of  5 stars.

The New Warriors #1


Writer – Christopher Yost

Artist – Marcus To

Reviewer –  Lee Gordon

When the New Warriors first came out, they were a rag tag band of junior heroes thrown together. It was a formula that worked well in the sixties. I was young and purchased everything Marvel produced when the New Warriors were first published in the summer if 1990. A young Vance Astro, a Spider-Man carbon copy origin in Speedball, and a few others were thrown together. The series never found the success as other Marvel titles, such as The New Mutants seven years earlier.

I am not a fan of the number one craze both DC and Marvel so adamantly love. Once in a while they get it right, most recently with Ms. Marvel. I was ready to pass on the latest incarnation of The New Warriors to save my $4, but after seeing the first page I was reminded of one of my first Avengers comic books. And the last page showed me a villain I have always been fascinated by. But, what about the pages in between?

As a writer I understand character development and the need to create a story and I feel that Christopher Yost forces characters that have already been developed and created over two decades ago. The story fell flat. The art work is sporadic, neither awe inspiring or dull. Occasionally a panel shines like on page 13, but overall I am disappointed. I might pick up issue two, but I don’t think I’ll buy it.

I’ll rate this only a good out of Near Mint. (2.5 out of 5 stars)

The Punisher #2


Writer: Nathan Edmonson

Artists: Mitch Gerads & Jerome Opena

Reviewer: Ray Willis

With a new city, comes a new challenge for Frank Castle “The Punisher”. Dealing with the Dos Soles gang he has traveled from New York to California. After dealing with one of the Dos Soles facilities Frank Castle is vigilantly trying to take down the gang and stop their take over.

In this issue Frank is still on his mission to stop the gang but with a Dos Soles given a weapon from none other than A.I.M. which not is not revealed until the end of the issue. This issue is really solid read and I love the take on Frank moving into a new territory and trying to take down the bad guys.

The inner monologue of Frank is really good telling how he wants to do the right thing and help the cops with stopping Dos Soles but he has to be on the outside to fight them. Frank actually looks up information on what he’s doing is right but found nothing but quotes. While Frank is on his mission he’s the hunter but he’s the one being hunted by the new Howling Commando’s which is really interesting to see when they face off.

Also people still don’t recognize that Frank Castle is “The Punisher” which is kinda weird since he’s well known for what he does but he does rock a ski mask in this issue with his famous skull on it. The art is really solid in this issue and I can’t wait for the next issue to come out.

4.5 out of 5 stars

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