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The Next Issue Comic reviews – 2/12/14

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(Sorry we are a little late!!  Snow delays ya know!!)

She-Hulk  #1


Writer: Charles Soule

Artist: Javier Pulido

Reviewer: Aitch Cee

Charles Soule has been a very busy guy.  It’s amazing that he can still put out quality books with his slate and She-Hulk #1 is another quality book that is a must read this week. What impressed me most about this book is that Soule manages to give us a very human story using an extra human character.

To put simply, Jennifer Walters, after finding out her company was trying to pimp her due to her superhero connections, decides to quit and strike out on her own and takes a case that brings her face to face with an old flame and team mate, Tony Starks.  If you haven’t read it, it may not be the confrontation that you expected but that’s what’s great about this book is that Soule gives you the contrast that is She-Hulk vs her cousin the Hulk. This book is a great book for anyone new coming into this title not to mention that the art by Pulido fits with this title.  It feels classic without too old school and modern without feeling too computer generated. If the writing and art stays consistent this could be a long lasting rampage of the She-Hulk.

4 out out 5 stars

Superior Spider Man #27
Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Giuseppe Camuncoli
Reviewer: Oz Longworth, Jr.

The word count I’ve devoted to beating up on the entire concept of Superior Spider Man in my weekly blog is probably enough with which to write a Lord of the Rings novel. Despite Dan Slott writing it well enough, a stupid concept is STILL a stupid concept. Having said that, this week’s issue is easily one of the best of the entire series. The possibilities it opens up are promisingly reminiscent of some of pivotal moments in the wall crawler’s history….which is the best thing that Slott could do for this book.

This week kicks off the long awaited “Goblin Nation” arc. The issue begins bringing to the forefront a subplot that has been brewing since SSM started: the return of the Green Goblin, who has been quietly subverting our hero’s nigh totalitarian stranglehold on crime in New York. Instead of teasing us any further, Slott throws us right into the thick of Gobby’s blitzkrieg strike on the city, letting us feel the weight of Otto Octavius’ comeuppance straight away. This issue makes no bones about conveying a sense of things coming to an end (making way for an Amazing Spider Man relaunch….finally). It took a year, but we’re finally seeing a hero who has worked with complete impunity face the consequences of the arrogant, hard charging brand of heroism that has pushed away so many loved ones. Also, the first exchange between Otto and the Goblin (whoever the hell is under that mask) is simply delicious, coming across less as hero/villain line drawing and more like two self inflated douchebag baddies posturing for superiority (see what I did there?…superiority…Superior Spider….never mind).

Giuseppe Camuncoli was a terrific choice to illustrate what could very well be “Superior Spider Man No More.” Every panel gives us the dark, wasteland-esque portrait of a Big Apple almost in ruins. The eerie, shady Green Goblin is definitely one of the visual highlights that will leave readers hanging on the bleak edge of every page. It’s bittersweet that (what seems to be) the finale of this series would, thus far, be the most satisfying it has to offer.

4.5 out of 5 stars

Suicide Squad #28


Writer: Matt Kindt

Artists: Jason Masters & Carlos Rodriguez

Reviewer: Ray Willis

This Forever Evil issue picks up where the previous issue left off where Amanda Waller comes up with a plan to stop the renegade O.M.A.C., who wants to find and kill her. Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Steel, Power Girl, and Unknown Soldier are trying to make it back to Belle Reeve to well kill Harley Quinn but find that King shark and his father Kamo are fighting O.M.A.C. after explaining whats going on they team up to take down O.M.A.C. There is a some really nice action scenes in this issue with someone getting ripped in half, someone gets blasted in the face but also some funny moments as well which includes Captain Boomerang.

The fights don’t really last long though but show how powerful O.M.A.C is and how outclassed characters are against him. While everything is going down Waller is in contact with Kevin Kho who is the current host of O.M.A.C. and tells Waller don’t kill him. Waller tries to get him to try to gain control but is a difficult task because he shoved into the corner of O.M.A.C.’s mind by Thinker. Harley tells the then team of characters whats going on after Gordon gets fried by Steel on whats going down. Since Gordon is down Deadshot helps out which in turn find magical bullets sort of which will give them an edge against O.M.A.C. for a little bit. Deadshot loads them up and bam, you’ll have to wait to next issue to find out what happens next. Th art in this issue has been really consistent throughout this Forever Evil arc and that not bad. I really no problems with this issue at all. Every characters gets some time to shine except some in this issue but overall a good read.

5 out of 5 stars

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