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PCU Zeitgeist: Creators We Love

Shining a light on creators doing wonderful things….

We’re back with a new list of awesome people who’ve popped up on our radar!

LadyCleoCabaret (Twitch)

Twitch streamer, singer, LGBTQ+, performer, & gamer.
I was introduced to Lady Cleo a while ago, and was almost immediately hooked on her channel. She does a lot of singing streams, and has an amazing voice. Even if you’re not a fan of chatting on Twitch, her streams are a great thing to have on in the background. However, it’s worth noting that once a month, Lady Cleo hosts a Cabaret day, in which the focus will be on other burlesque/musical/cabaret performers around the internet. There’s also a cat cam, where her & her partner’s cats can typically be seen snoozing on the couch. I’m glad to call her a personal friend, and her talents need to be experienced. If you’re looking for a place to chat about pretty much anything, and meet some incredibly welcoming people, Lady Cleo’s channel is the place.

Boricua Wookie aka Camila is one of many Star Wars content creators I love on TikTok! Besides her awesome content — which includes cosplays, Star Wars reading challenges, and a Bad Batch Support Group — she has her own podcast, Beings of the Galaxy. BOTG is a narrative podcast that takes place in the Star Wars universe with Camila voicing its host, La’Nis Locke, an essayist discovering “the slices of life that give meaning to our greater purposes in the galaxy.” The stories? Incredible. The vibes? Immaculate. The ASMR of it all? Iconic.


Doctor Raven: The Science Maven
I am far from a scientist (though I do love blowing things up) but I will always enjoy watching scientists do their thing and Doctor Raven is one of my favorites.
Much like Bill Nye before her, Doctor Raven Baxter, a molecular biologist, makes science fun without dumbing it down. Her amazing videos combine science, fashion and music to make even the most complex of scientific and mathematical concepts easy to understand.
If you want some cutting edge science and fashion Doctor Raven is the lady to see. 

We Are Push Black
As a rule you should probably get your Black History from actual Black voices. We Are Push Black is a great resource that dives into the stories of so many incredible people you may have never heard of before. Push Black’s Instagram account is described as being “a unique space to focus on the intersection of news and #BlackHistory.” Push Black acknowledges the struggles and successes of our past while also keeping their eyes on the challenges we face today – as the work is far from done. Follow Push Black at @wearepushblack on TikTok and sign up to receive weekly content through Facebook Messenger.

Are there creators out there who’ve sparked your interest? Want us to spotlight them? Let us know in the comments!

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