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AV Brew: Sandra Oh

Oh, Sandra, we adore you…

With the final season of Killing Eve having dropped and her wonderful performances in Turning Red and The Chair, Sandra Oh is having a moment.

One of the breakout stars of Grey’s Anatomy, she soon caught all of our attention by, let’s be honest, out-acting all of her comrades in every scene she was in. It wasn’t long before she was moving on and with each new project she’s proven that it was the right choice.

Now, Oh has jumped into horror with UMMA, a psychological drama, wrapped in generational trauma and genuinely terrifying. 

As Oh seamlessly flows from genre to genre I am looking forward to seeing just where she goes next. I truly think there is an Oscar in her future, I’m calling it now.

What about you? Love Sandra? Is there another artist who’s been delighting you for a while and is finally getting their flowers? Let us know in the comments!

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