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Cosplay Brew: 28 Days Of Black Cosplay – Kika The ATX Model

The amazing Kika The ATX Model graces us for 28 Days of Black Cosplay!

Jessica Rabbit of Who Framed Roger Rabbit Photographer: David Johansen

●  Please tell us your name and where you are based. 

My name is Kika and I am based out of Austin Texas.

●  How long have you been cosplaying? 

I have been cosplaying ever since my first kindergarten school play. My mom sewed all of my costumes and from then on I begged her to make many more costumes as I grew up for different events.

●  What characters have you cosplayed the most?

I’ve cosplayed Storm the most, mainly because I participate in events that she’s been the most requested. I have also cosplayed Chun Li and Cammy White from Street Fighter a lot.

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  1. What made you decide to cosplay?

Once I realized there was a whole community of people like me who enjoyed cosplaying it only inspired me further to cosplay on a regular basis. Now I don’t need a reason to put on a suit and feel awesome. I’m also very introverted, but when I cosplay I become this social butterfly who wants to interact.

She-Ra Princess of Power Photographer: David Johansen

  1. What do you do for your day job or hobbies?

My current day job which is on hold due to Covid-19 is a Pet Stylist. I give doggies haircuts and make them “So fresh and so clean”. I’m also a full-time student at Texas State University studying to become a Recreation Therapist. Other hobbies I enjoy are painting, working out, fishing and being in the great outdoors.

Mystique of X-men – Photographer:

3. Which of your cosplays have been the most challenging and/or the most rewarding and why? 

The cosplay(s) that are the most challenging, yet also the most rewarding at the same time are the ones where I’m in full body paint. I have done Mystique from X-Men in her white dress, FULL body paint. Trying to keep the blue paint off anything white was a challenge. I’ve also done full body paint Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy, Cheetara from Thundercats, The Wicked Witch of the West and Captain Planet.

Twi’lek Dancer of Star Wars – Photographer:

4. What is the best advice you would give to other cosplayers of color specifically?

The best advice I can give to cosplayers of color is to cosplay who you want to cosplay. There are going to be people within the community that think you should only cosplay characters that align with your physical attributes and skin color. DO NOT listen to them. Cosplay is for everyone! Period.

Wicked Witch of the West of Wicked – Photographer: Mike Williams

5. What one thing could the cosplay community do better when dealing with one another? 

As a community we should support one another, whether that’s sharing a fellow cosplayers page or photo or simply just saying hey, “nice work”. We like to take pride in what we do and always appreciate positive feedback. With that being said, there are levels within the community. Experienced cosplayers can share tips and tricks for those individuals getting started or for those who just want the knowledge.

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