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AV Brew: Snow Day Movie Festival 2021

Well I had time to waste ... and boy was that time wasted.

On the morning of February 1, 2021, I awoke to the urban landscape covered in snow which fell until Tuesday. As my choice will always be to stay home on snow days, I tend to watch movies based on a theme.

Sunday’s theme: “Was the Movie Really That Bad?”  The films were chosen based on what I heard when the films were released.

Cats Available on HBOMax

Cats (2019) is a film adaptation of the Andrew Lloyd Webber play by the same name. Overstuffed with A-list actors and singers, this film had potential that was squandered on creepy makeup and overdone CGI. I have not seen the stage play so I can’t say how much of the script is the fault of the original work or what the writers did to adapt it for the big screen. I have discussed my impressions with some friends; they state it’s a bit of both. I found some of the transitions harsh and not well thought out. The highlight of the film is Jennifer Hudson’s rendition of “Memories,” that song was composed for her.

For all the CGI and oversized set pieces, they could have made this an animated film using these actors’ voices. They may have saved some money!

Dolittle currently available on HBOMax

Doolittle (2020) is a fantasy adventure film about the doctor that can talk to animals, starring Robert Downey, Jr. with an outstanding cast of actors voicing the animals, including Rami Malek, Emma Thompson, John Cena, Kumail Nanjiani, and Octavia Spencer.  This film was eviscerated by the critics and received a Rotten Tomatoes score of a mere 14%.

This film is a simple adventure story made for children. I found it watchable and at times enjoyable. My sole issue was Downey’s Irish accent, a totally unnecessary choice. After 12 years of Downey doing high-earning action films (Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes), my theory is that critics were not ready to see him in a role that was this much of a departure from those characters.

X-Men Apocalypse currently available on Disney +

X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) is a superhero film where the team comes together to fight the villain Apocalypse. After watching this movie, I was left with one question: What did I just watch? The plot is tissue-paper thin. I have no understanding of the villain’s motivation or how his tomb was found by the local people. I figure the only reason this film was made to fulfill the contracts for these actors, evidenced by a 10-minute appearance by Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine which did not service the story at all.

I know people love the X-Men films but this one needs to be recut or something.

That was my snow day film festival! If you disagree with me, tell me in the comments, or if you have any other suggestions, let me know!

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