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TV Brew: Supernatural – Galaxy Brain

There must be a balance.

Belle: We’re back! With only eight episodes left! ::ugly sobs::

Paul: I have a crush on Billie. Other than that the episode was honestly a little meh for me

Belle: I loved it because of the unraveling that is happening with Chuck.


Rob Benedict as Chuck

Paul: I just found the destruction of multiple earths from a Radio Shed not descriptive enough. It could have been a fun episode with Chuck interacting with multiverse Sam and Dean but instead it was wrapping up that inter-dimensional girl’s story. Just not my fav but it could have been

Belle: Yes, most definitely. While I appreciate the work that Yadira Guevara-Prip brings to the Kaias, I legit can’t stand alternate earth Kaia because she’s the worst so her getting back to her earth meant nothing to me. Honestly, all it did was make me angry that she’s had almost three years to come tell them that our Kaia was alive and we could’ve had our Kaia so it didn’t do the character any favors. Though I did cry when our Kaia and Dean ran to each other. Which, again, is a credit to Yadira Guevara-Prip because I adore our Kaia with my entire being.

jack and kaia

Alexander Calvert as Jack; Yadira Guevara-Prip as Kaia

The biggest thing this episode did was give us confirmation that Sam and Dean are the new Chuck and Amara, but without all the spoiled bratness. I think Cas will end up being The Empty and Jack will restart the angels, the right way.

Paul: See, I think Cas will end up being God and Jack the new Lucifer. You still need a balance. 

Belle: Well, if Cas becomes God then I need Dean to be Death so they can finally be together. They definitely emphasized repeatedly that there needs to be stability. Thoughts?

Paul: Oh the end will require balance. My guess is that Amara will be the final solution, canceling herself and Chuck out. Who she gets to replace them remains to be seen but they must be replaced. There must be a yin and yang.

Belle: Exactly and since Sam and Dean were human and have experienced Heaven, Hell and Purgatory they’re the replacements. Which would make the original ending of Season 5 come true in a roundabout way. Dean: The Michael Sword, would become God; Sam: Lucifer’s True Vessel would become The Void.  Castiel: rebuilds Heaven and The Empty; Jack guarding earth and Rowena The Queen of Hell

Galaxy Brain
Paul: Ohhhhhh. Yes! If we ever get a finale.  It hasn’t been filmed and now everything is shut down.

Belle: We will. It’s going to take some time but we will.

Paul: I love your theories for the end though. The pieces fit. I hope they don’t let us down with some lame ass conclusion

Belle: After all these years it needs to be epic. Don’t Game of Thrones us Supernatural.

Paul: Especially because the season itself has been very solid, it deserves the most epic of endings. GOT will forever be a major disappointment.

dean, jody and sam

Jensen Ackles as Dean; Kim Rhodes as Jody; Jared Padalecki as Sam

Book of Letters
‘Don’t play his game. Make him play yours.’ – Fortuna
These may be the most important words of the season, if not the series.

You know what, Lillith’s words about Chuck’s obsession with Dean are becoming more and more true and we don’t like it.

Seriously, I cannot stand Alt!Kaia. My gawd. I have never cheered for a neutral character getting merked so much.

We just realized that Claire is basically Cas, Jody and Dean’s daughter this episode and that this is the first time Jody and Cas actually ever met and holy crap, how did it take so long?

I knew Merle was going to get murdered the minute she kept being rude to the boys in their own home. Everyone who has ever done so ends up dead af.


Lisa Berry as Billie/Death

Visions Of The Future

Fortuna’s words from The Gamblers about how the Old Gods were both created and died off; and Billie’s words this episode, about how Chuck basically wrote self-insert fanfiction for all the galaxies are the keys to the finale we’re thinking.

Sam and Dean are the messengers to Chuck’s destruction because, unlike when the Old Gods were made, we live in the age of the Internet. Of YouTube, Tumblr and Fanfiction. The Old Gods and their myths were confined to things like memory and parchment but Sam and Dean aren’t.

Chuck wrote their mythology, true, but he then did the stupidest thing he could have: he released that mythology to the public and now, that mythology will not die off. That’s why he’s panicking and that’s why he’s trying to kill the boys off before they realize exactly what they are.

Let’s see if we’re right!

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