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This Week In WTF 1/31/2020

The Weekly WTF would like to thank Michael Schur and The Good Place for 4 seasons of perfect TV.


I’m a little sad because The Good Place is over. It’s rare that you get to watch a perfect show as it happens. So to keep it sleazy this WTF is totally Good Place-based.

The Good Place - Season 4

Good Place Fire Demon

Good Place Which Is The Worst

Good Place Get Chidi Some Weed

Good Place Chainsaw Bear

Good Place Racism

Good Place Michael Froyo

Okay. We’ve sat on the bench long enough. It’s time for us to pass through the doorway. But we’ll be back next week with a fresh set of WTF-ery. If you see anything you think should be in the next article leave a comment below or hit me up on Twitter at @arrpeebee

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