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This Week In WTF 9/6/2019

Billy Corgan was wrong. The world isn’t a vampire, it just sucks.

Let’s burn this mofo to the ground, Pookie!!!!!

Wow, another week already? Seems like it was just 7 days ago that we shook our heads at the stupidity of the world. Well LET’S DO IT AGAIN!

Chicken Isn't Vegan

Harry Potter

I Told That Teaching Lady

This Is A Set

Samuel L Jackson What

Mascot Brawl

Roller Skate Wedding

Obi-Wan Jesus

Welp, that does it for me. I need a nap and a cookie. Enjoy your weekend, and if you see anything you think is WT-worthy leave it in the comments below or shoot me a tweet at @arrpeebee.

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